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Whether it's a festival or an opera, a talent show or a classic comedy night, EventBookings covers it all. So organise your cultural events with us, manage all aspects, and start earning.

Why should you choose EventBookings?

Lowest Fees in the industry

We offer industries' lowest per ticket fee with a 72 hours deposit policy. You can absorb the service fee or pass that on to the attendees.

Exceptional Customer Support

Are you having trouble setting up your first event? Don't worry; our dedicated support team will help you settle in.

Australian owned and operated.

As an Australian owned and operated company, EventBookings is proud to serve Australians. We want to provide excellent support to make your event a success.

Are you planning on organising a cultural event?

EventBookings is trusted by performers, venue and theatre owners of all kinds and sizes. Events like festivals or musical shows are a fun nights for all, but they require careful organisation if you manage the event. There are many different kinds of concerts with additional requirements.

You can use EventBookings' robust online registration and ticketing platform to manage cultural events like:

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A Perfect Platform to Organise Your Cultural Events with Tons of Fantastic Features that Suits Your Needs

Unlimited Ticket Types

You have complete freedom in creating ticket types; you can create single or group tickets. Sell unlimited tickets or set custom restrictions. You are in full control of your event's ticket prices and types; There are no limitations to the ticket types.

Email Campaign

Use our built-in email campaign features to send invitations and event updates to your attendees. In addition, we made smart categories for quick and easy access to lists. You can export your event's attendees' information or import your list at any time.

Payment and Invoices

Our goal is to ensure that your payments are safe and secure. We teamed up with leading payment gateways globally to deliver revenues faster for that purpose. EventBookings maintains a 72 hours deposit policy with an option for quicker payouts in case of urgent cases.

How to Manage Your Events on
EventBookings and Generate Profit

Create event

Enter all the required information about your event, like name, date, venue, and tickets. Then, let your attendees know more about your event with pictures and descriptions.

Event page

Thrive with a highly converting event page that attracts more attendees. We have included unique features like a countdown timer for ticket sales to drive up your profit.

Promote and sell:

Promote your event to social media platforms and your attendees with our one-click social share and email campaign features.

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