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Pay Less with EventBookings. People pay up to 15% of their revenue to ticketing providers. EventBookings has lower fees than any other platform available.

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Free Forever.
No Credit Card Required.

Excellent 4.7/5

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Drive Savings through EventBookings

What are the potential savings for you and your attendees? Adjust the sliders to visualise the cost
difference when transitioning from Ticketspice to EventBookings.

Feature comparison EventBookings vs Ticketspice


Service Fee (Per Ticket)

1% + $0.30

$0. 99

(+ 2.99% Card Processing Per transaction)

Service Charge for Free Events


Free (Conditions Apply)

Hassle Free Refund and Cancellation



Built in Virtual Event Platform



Ticket Scanner App



Payouts During or Before Event

Yes (On request)


Unlimited Ticket Types



Order Form Customisation



Event Promotion Tools



Sell Tickets at Venue



Easy, user-friendly platform



Full feature access with no upcharges



Uncover Your Precise Costs with EventBookings

Each event and organization comes with unique requirements. That's precisely why we've developed an intricate pricing calculator, empowering you to determine precise fees. Unveil the per-ticket
attendee cost or the expenses you'll incur firsthand.

7 reasons organizers prefer EventBookings

Affordable ticketing

Experience remarkable affordability with a mere 2% per ticket, plus just 30 cents in Australia, and an enticing 1% plus 30 cents for global transactions. You can extend the savings to your attendees for a win-win.

Intuitive platform

EventBookings offers a user-friendly platform for seamless event creation and promotion. The user-friendly interface ensures efficiency at every step.

A company rooted in Australia

Our company is fully committed to revolutionizing the event booking experience to a worldwide audience, ensuring its streamlined and budget-friendly solutions.

Fast and safe transaction

Experience quick payouts through our reliable payment system. Rest assured; your information is safeguarded with our secure processing.

Dedicated support team

The EventBookings team is here to provide expert assistance, handling questions, event setup, and complex issues.

Built-in video conferencing

The platform includes integrated video conferencing solutions, saving you time and money.

Effortless email marketing

EventBookings simplifies email marketing by integrating a comprehensive suite of tools. Eliminate all the third-party hassles and elevate your campaigns seamlessly.

The one-stop event ticketing platform

When it comes to event ticketing systems, EventBookings is the ideal alternative to TicketSpice. Get complete access to a range of powerful tools at a more affordable price point.

Cost-effective ticketing services

Go with EventBookings, the budget-friendly alternative to TicketSpice. Our fee structure is designed to save you money, with global fees set at just 1% + 30¢, and in Australia, a mere 2% + 30c per ticket. In contrast, TicketSpice charges 99¢ per ticket plus a basic 2.99% credit card processing fee.

Optimize visibility through tailored event pages

Tailor your event page to match your branding with EventBookings. Include everything from personalized event details to logos to images, videos, and CTA buttons for heightened ticket sales and create an immersive event experience that attendees won’t want to miss. 

Efficient event management solution

Managing events has never been easier. Get ready for cutting-edge solutions, including duplicate event creation, collaborative management, waitlist functionality, refund policy, and more. Gain insights into sales, visitors, and more, all in an easy platform. Enhance events using analytics.

Effortless Event Hype: Quick Promotion

With TicketSpice, ticket pages can only be shared on personal Twitter and Facebook accounts. But EventBookings allows you to boost event visibility across platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and email all with a single click of the ‘share’ button. From crafting tailored emails to and offering discounts coupons to tracking RSVPs, you can utilize every marketing tool.

No-cost integrated video hosting

EventBookings revolutionize your online event experience by offering seamless integration of complimentary video conferencing and hosting services. The platform includes features like video meeting recording, polling, breakout sessions, private or public chat, and more. While with TicketSpice, to use TicketSpice Live for online meetings, you get to pay a fee of $1 per hour per attendee. Also, the features come with some time and attendee and host number limitations.

Your privacy is our top most concern

Secure attendee details

At EventBookings, we value your attendees' privacy. You can trust us to prioritize their preferences and ensure a personalized experience.

Safe data Handling

Your trust is of paramount importance to us, and your privacy is our commitment. Your data remains undisclosed to advertisers or marketing agencies.

Restricted third-party data sharing

EventBookings strictly follow privacy policies. No data is shared with third-party websites or social media platforms for advertising objectives.

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