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Less ticketing fees than TicketSource

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Feature comparison EventBookings vs Ticketsource


Service Fee (Per Ticket)

1% + £0.30

8.5% + VAT (Stripe)

Service Charge for Free Events



Attendee Tracking



Ticket Scanner App



Customisable Forms



Onsite Registration



Refund Management



Contact Database



Conversion Tracking



Surveys & Feedback



Delve into precise pricing with EventBookings

Recognising the distinctive needs of each event and organisation, we've introduced an extensive Pricing Calculator. This tool empowers you to meticulously calculate exact fees, revealing
both attendee ticket costs and the expenses you'll shoulder.

Top 7 reasons to choose EventBookings

EventBookings offers powerful yet easy-to-use tools at a great price.

Low-cost ticketing options

Our platform charges a minimal 2% fee per ticket plus an additional 30 cents for the Australian market. And for international ticket sales, the charge is 1% plus 30 cents.

Easy-to-use interface

Experience the convenience of EventBookings, offering an intuitive and user-friendly platform that streamlines event planning, management, and promotion, catering to all levels of expertise.

Australia-based company

From Australia, our goal is simple: offer you efficient and affordable event booking services worldwide. We're here to make event booking easy, no matter where you are.

Fast and safe payments

Benefit from our reliable, swift payment system that prioritises data security through secure processing.

24/7 reliable support

Our committed customer support team is at your service 24/7, prepared to assist with inquiries, guide you through event setup, and adeptly tackle any complex challenges.

Built-in video conferencing

Boost your productivity and cost-effectiveness through EventBookings' integrated video conferencing platform seamlessly integrated into the system.

Simplified email marketing

EventBookings empowers you with all the tools needed to execute impactful email marketing campaigns right within the platform.

Simplify ticketing with an all-in-one solution

Experience the difference with its intuitive interface and a suite of remarkable features designed to take your events to the next level. Find out how these measures are up against TicketSource's offerings.

Affordable ticketing solutions

Discover EventBookings, the cost-effective substitute for TicketSource. We believe in transparency. The fee structure of EventBookings is designed to optimise savings, with a mere 1% + 30¢ global fee per ticket, while in Australia, it's 2% + 30c per ticket. In comparison, TicketSource applies a charge of 7% + VAT per paid booking.

Efficient tools for event promotion

Unlike TicketSource, EventBookings empowers you to enhance event exposure seamlessly across various platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and email simply by clicking the ‘share’ button. This inclusive toolkit also includes customised email composition, inviting discount vouchers, and accurate RSVP monitoring, allowing you to capitalise on various promotional avenues.

Integrated calendar functionality

Uplift your scheduling efficiency through EventBookings' integration with leading online calendars such as Outlook, Google, Yahoo, and Apple. Your participants can seamlessly add events to their calendars and get timely reminders, ensuring they always remember essential event dates.

Optimal event management

Simplify your event management like never before with cutting-edge solutions. These encompass event duplication, collaborative organisation, waitlist management, refund policy implementation, and more. Gain valuable insights into sales, attendees, and other metrics through a seamless platform. Take your events to the next level by leveraging powerful analytics.

Your data's security: EventBookings' priority

Attendee data protection

Privacy matters at EventBookings – your attendees' data is safe. No irrelevant events will be displayed on your page in line with their interests.

Protected information handling

We prioritise attendee privacy, strictly barring data sharing with marketers or online advertisers.

External data limit

Committed to strong privacy principles, we abstain from sharing data with external sites or social media networks for advertising purposes.

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