The Best Event Ticketing Solution in Australia for Charity Events

EventBookings offer all the features you want for your event ticketing needs and provide support to create, promote and manage charity events and raise funds.

Reasons You Should Host Your Charity Events
with EvenBookings

On-time fund transfer

With EvenBookings, fund transfer is easy and swift, and you will get it within 72 hours after the event ends. If you need you can get it even faster and on-demand.

Outstanding customer support

24/7 customer support is one of our salient features. If you need it, you can seek help at any steps of your booking and ticketing process.

Australian owned and operated

Despite being an Australian company, we are serving organisers globally. We want to make event bookings easy and secure for everyone.

Are you planning to organise a charity event?

Then, EvenBookings is your go-to online registration solution. We have developed simplified online registration and ticketing software for nonprofit events and fundraisers. Also, the cherry on top is that we will not charge any service fee if you are organising a free event. For details, please check our affordable pricing plan, currently the most simple one in the market.

EventBookings' user-friendly online ticketing platform can be used to manage sports/activity events like:

Looking for a platform for your charity event?

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All the Tools You Need to Create, Manage and
Sell Tickets to All Your Charity Events

event page

Reinforce your brand with our dynamic event page. You will need to give all the essential information. You can build your brand persona by customising your event page as you wish with your brand logo, feature image and social buttons.


We have all the tools to promote your charity events. Easy social share is one of the essential features. You can click the 'share' button on top of your event banner to promote your event on social media platforms. We have an excellent in-built Email Marketing facility, and you can create your contact list and send invitations using this feature. Our intelligent, real-time reporting feature provides actionable insights into your events' performance.

Essential Ticketing Options for Charity Events

We offer single-price, multi-price, group, discount, and coupon ticketing for charity events. You can also establish a limit on ticket quantities and create as many ticket categories as possible. You can also request a refund if you cancel your ticket.

EventBookings has Made it Easier to Sell Charity Tickets with its Simple Event Registration Process

Create a conversion-friendly
event page

Create a professional, elegant event page to attract
attendees and sell more tickets.

Necessary promotional tools
to sell tickets faster

Easy event promotion and unique tools will increase ticket
sales and raise more funds. We have all the features
needed for your ticket sales.

Smart reporting features

Our intelligent reporting capabilities provide actionable
insights into how your events are performing so
that you can focus your time and budget on
what’s working best.

Get started for free to see how easy it is to create, manage,
and promote your events

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a peer-to-peer fundraising event?

    Peer-to-peer fundraising involves supporters raising funds independently on behalf of your organisation using individual donation pages. The event typically relies on a donation page with donors donating and sharing the page on their social networks and independent supporters raising the fund together for a common goal. EventBookings allow fully customisable donation forms for fundraiser or charity event ticketing with easy drag-and-drop features per your charity event and donation requirements. There are countless variations of peer-to-peer fundraising events, including marathons, award ceremonies, contests, prizes and merchandise.

  • Can I use EventBookings to organise free charity events?

    You can use EventBookings for charity event ticketing without having to give us your card details. EventBookings will not charge a service fee if you host a free charity event. You can also raise funds by creating donation tickets and allowing your attendees to donate without any specific price so that the attendees can put in any donation amount.

  • How can I promote my charity event through EventBookings?

    EventBookings ticketing software gives you all the tools and technology to effectively market your nonprofit, charity or fundraiser events through email campaigns and social media shares. Moreover, you can also avail of our RSVP feature to accumulate a precise estimate of potential attendees before the event.

  • How many types of tickets can I create for my fundraising event?

    Through EventBookings, you can create individual tickets or group tickets with custom instructions. All you have to do is set ticket sales restrictions or make them unlimited- you can choose the ticket charge according to the attendees' needs.

  • Is it safe to receive donations online?

    EventBookings avails online donation forms by maintaining strict PCI compliance, which means that we follow Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) that keeps your data secure and safe.

  • Is EventBookings the best solution for nonprofit event ticketing?

    EventBookings is undoubtedly the best ticketing solution for nonprofit or charity events of all sizes and scales. EventBookings' multi-price system allows you to price different types of tickets. For example, you can sell discounted tickets, such as early bird discounts or high-priced VIP tickets.