Low-Cost Event Branding Ideas
10 June

Low-Cost Event Branding Ideas

When we speak about event branding, the first thing that comes to mind is the cost. Which, generally speaking, is quite high. But, you might just be trying to start up your business, or you might be having a hard time managing you...

30 May

How to Prepare a Killer Event Budget [Exclusive Tips]

As an event organiser, the toughest challenge you face is to balance the event b...

23 May

5 Exciting New Feature Updates from EventBookings

As a part of our regular update, we are pleased to announce five new updates for...

Event Branding Tips - EventBookings
3 May

Proven Event Branding Tips for BIGGER Success

When you hear the word brand, what comes to your mind? A single or a set of a...

24 April

10 Cool Event Sponsorship Ideas

Event management firms live and die by the success of the programs they organise...

16 April

How Technologies Improve the Event Management Experience

A large event takes a lot of efforts from many people, money and time to arrange...

18 March

12 Icebreakers for Event Networking

Besides the adage that human beings are social creatures, what’s true is that ...

4 March

40 Really Exciting Event Ideas For You

It’s not easy to keep things fresh and different when it comes to planning and...

20 February

EventBookings System is Used for NAACO Annual Conference 2018

The team at EventBookings are pleased to announce the use of our system for the ...