What EventBookings Offers

All the features you need to make your event a huge success

Dynamic Event Management Features at Your Fingertips

That’s right, we’ve left nothing out. Whether it’s a small meeting or a large conference, you have an arsenal of tools to customise and tailor your event how you see fit. Create a unique, virtual ticket booth that takes payments, allocates seats, and collects the guest information you need.

With a range of handy features and numerous options, there’s no limit to what you can do with the EventBookings platform. Set up as many events as you like with one account and market them with a website that showcases them to potential guests. Allow your customers to choose their ticket type and seat with the help of a visual seating map of your venue. Track your event attendance with the mobile app, scanning tickets at the door. Check over powerful analytical data and find out how to improve conversions. We’ve included everything you need to maximise ticket sales to your events.

We’ve included everything you need to maximise ticket sales to your events.

Complete Event Ticketing Platform with Host of Features

Creating Your Event

Customised Site Design

Your event, your way. EventBookings allows you to create your own branded event page with a few clicks. Customise your page with your branding, social media links your logo and text to create a seamless integration with your brand’s material.

Multi-layer Ticketing

Offer multiple levels of pricing and adjust ticket prices at any time according to demand for you event and other factors.

Allocated Seating

Our powerful seating chart builder lets you create a visual display of the venue so attendees can select their seats when booking.


Promoting Your Event

Social Sharing

EventBookings lets you create a unique URL or web address, making it easy to promote your event. Just copy and paste and share your event page via social media and email, or embed it within your organisation’s website.

Discounted Tickets

The platform gives you a number of ways to entice attendees. Offer early bird pricing, provide discounts to certain customers and even set up coupon codes for cheaper tickets.


Managing Your Event


Your dashboard allows you easily view each event’s revenue, tickets sold, page visits and additional analytics information. This can allow you to make better decisions about your event.

Smart Reporting

Generate smart reports from EventBookings’ updated reporting module. Avail live downloadable reporting with custom URL and site customisations, such as - sales report, attendee’s lists, and security arrangements.

Restrict access to your event to certain people or groups that are eligible.


Selling Tickets

Choose to absorb the system fee yourself or pass it onto your customers in their ticket price.

Use our customised pricing calculator to get an approximation of total fees.

Use EventBookings’ payment processing system or configure your own with Stripe!

Process refunds back to your customer’s credit card from your dashboard when necessary.


On Event Day

Scanner App

Use EventBookings’ scanner app to check in guests. Available for both iOS and Android, it allows you to match up tickets and guests so that only those with genuine tickets are admitted entry. The app makes a record of scanned tickets so you can match them up with your attendee list. This can help you find out if any guests failed to show up and if necessary, you can offer a refund.

Attendee Lists

Otherwise, you can easily print off your guest list and cross them off manually as they show up on the day. This can be useful for smaller sized events where checking tickets is a quick process.



Our dedicated support team are on hand to help you resolve any issue either by phone or email. If you’re having trouble figuring out how to set up your event or have a complex requirement, we’d be more than happy to help you out and provide advice.

EventBookings uses PCI compliant payment gateways and has a full privacy policy to ensure that your information is securely stored and not shared with any other organisation.