The Complete Event Ticketing Platform with a Host of Features

EventBookings allows you to create and sell tickets for your event and manage all of the data associated with your events, such as ticket sales, visitor insights, reporting, and much more. It's the perfect platform to help you manage your events efficiently.

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Event Page​

Responsive Design

Our responsive and user-friendly event page allows guests to book events from any device.

Public or Private Event

You can host your events in public or by invitation only. Allow only the people whom you've invited to the events.

Booking end Countdown Timer

Our Countdown timer can be a unique tool for selling your tickets. The timer shows the end time for ticket sale deadline, discount end period, and more.

Multi-session or Multi-Day Event

You can launch multiple-session or multiple-day events according to your needs.

Recurring event/Event scheduling

You can select the recurring event option if your event occurs more than once on a repeating schedule. You have the option to choose repeating options daily, weekly or monthly.


Single Ticket

Sell standard, fixed price tickets to all of your attendees coming to the events. You have complete control of limiting ticket numbers. In addition, you can set up Unlimited types of tickets for your event.

Unlimited Ticket Types

You can price your tickets in different types with the multi-price system. For example, you can sell discounted tickets, such as early-bird discounts, higher-priced VIP tickets, etc.

Group Ticketing

There are unlimited ways of grouping tickets. You can create various types of tickets. You can set the limit for group ticket purchases from one person. Attendees can choose their seats as there are no seat restrictions on group tickets.

Set Your Rules

Pass the service fee to the attendees or pay it yourself; set ticket cancellation and refund policies.


With EventBookings, you can raise funds by creating donation tickets and allowing your attendees to make a donation. There is no specific price; the attendees can put in any donation amount.


Fully Customisable Forms

Our easy drag and drop feature lets you create attendees' forms as per your event requirements. Create a professional-looking form with a few simple steps.

Calendar Integration

We've integrated popular online calendars (Outlook, Google, Yahoo, and Apple) where attendees can add events and get alerts when nearing the event date.

Attendee Dashboard

The attendees' dashboard gives guests the option to cancel their registration should they no longer be able to attend. They can also check their registered events and suggestions.

Secure Payment Methods

EventBookings employs PCI-compliant payment gateways and has a comprehensive data protection policy to ensure that your earnings are safe. In addition, we provide flexible payment methods for a smooth payout experience.

Google Map Integration

Your event's venue location will be shown to the registered attendees on their digital maps for venue events.


Email Campaign

You can design professional-looking emails from our built-in templates and send or schedule invitations, send reminders, and event updates to all of your contacts or pre-categorised attendees.

Analytics and Tracking

Your events can be integrated into conversion tracking tools to monitor their social media promotion campaigns. Also, you can add your own Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics and Google Ads conversion codes.

One-click Social Share

It's easy to promote your event with the one-click social media share button.


You can use coupons to boost ticket sales. Multiple coupons can be created with additional offers. Create and promote coupons and drive more ticket sales.

Early Bird Discounts

You can give a percentage or sum of the discounted ticket to selected people. You have the freedom to set up the discounts as you like.


You can enable the RSVP feature to gather an accurate estimate of who will attend your event even before your event happens. The RSVP responses can be tracked from the list of contacts you sent the invitation to.


Built-in Analytic Tools

EventBookings dashboard provides essential analytical information about the event and ticket sales. Track and make decisions accordingly to optimise your events to the fullest.

Team Collaboration

Work together, from anywhere, with your team. Manage professionally your events together in real-time, all on one platform. Assign tasks to members from our organisation's dashboard.

Scanner App

You can use the scanning app to check in guests, and only those with valid tickets can be let in. In addition, you can cross-reference scanned tickets with your guest list through the app. Simply use your tablet or phone to scan the tickets, it works for both iOS and android.

Easy Duplicate Events

Our duplicate event feature saves time and energy and creates the same events within seconds. You can still customise the new event as you want. You will receive separate analytical reports for each event.

Waiting list

The waiting list feature enables you to create a waitlist for interested attendees even if your event runs out of tickets. If a spot becomes open, you can send invitations to the attendees in line.

Embedded Virtual Event Experience

EventBookings offers industries only an all-in-one video hosting platform- other third-party video streaming platforms are not required. In addition, we offer engagement boosting features like live chat or poll, breakout rooms, and HD quality streaming. Compatible with all devices and OS.

Your privacy

is our first priority

On-site information sharing

EventBookings will never track your attendees' interests and show them other recommended events on your event page.

Data sharing

EventBookings will never share your attendees' data with their marketing agencies, online advertising providers, etc.

Third-party information sharing

EventBookings does not share any data with third-party websites or social media platforms to show ads to its users.

Easily manage your events on the go

Managing events is a lot more fun with EventBookings mobile app, available on iOS and Android.

Get started for free to see how easy it is to create, manage, and promote your events.