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Event Page

Custom event page showcasing your brand

With EventBookings, you will get an event page URL that is personal to you. It can be used to establish the identity of your business. During the sign-up process, you can choose a URL to represent your organisation that reflects your unique identity. This will help to boost your brand while promoting your event online.

EventBookings allows you to create your own branded event page with just a few clicks. Customise the page with your logo, banner image, complete description, and social media links to create seamless integration with your brand’s material. You can now create and add custom pages in addition to the default event page. This can come in handy when you’re hosting an event where attendees come from different countries, and you have the option to add separate country-based pages with specific information or instructions.

Since EventBookings’ service fee is charged on a per-ticket basis, you can easily choose if you want to pass the service charge onto the attendees or to absorb the estimated cost yourself, by using our pricing calculator. With pass it on option, you let your attendees pay the service fee along with the ticket price. In absorb option, on the other hand, you can make the attendees pay for the tickets, and you receive the cost of each ticket and pay the service fee to EventBookings yourself.

EventBookings ensures that your event page looks perfect when viewed from different devices (e.g. mobile, iPhone, iPad, tabs, etc.). Your logo is clearly visible at the top and you’ll have a hamburger menu for easy navigation. Additionally, your banner image, booking button, social sharing options and map are all are placed perfectly to give a great first impression to potential attendees.



Ticketing solutions to maximise your sales

Offer multiple levels of pricing and adjust ticket prices at any time according to the demand for your event. Create tickets based on the audience coming to your event. This works especially well when you want to show cheaper tickets as a great deal, and give more expensive tickets VIP appeal. The best seats in the house or special access can be given to those with a specific category of ticket.

The platform gives you a number of ways to entice attendees. Offer early bird pricing or provide discounts to certain customer groups for cheaper tickets. You can choose to give a fixed amount as discount, or give it as percentage. Control the scope of your discount by applying it only to those who buy VIP tickets or group tickets. Entice people to buy tickets to your event in advance with a discount on early purchase. You may also decide to give that last-minute discount to get those extra sales.

Introduce group ticketing to increase audience numbers and decrease cancellation. Most people prefer going to events in a group. If one individual expresses interest, it’s likely that others will follow. You can customise how many seats will be there in a group ticket, and the number of tickets a single person can purchase. There is no restriction around all seats in a single group being adjacent, giving attendees the freedom to choose their seats.

With this option, you can not only restrict the total number of tickets for your events but also limit the number of tickets each attendee can purchase. Even it case of group ticketing, you can restrict the total number of tickets per group. On top of that, you can easily set up how many group tickets per attendee can purchase at a time, for any ticket type. For instance, if you want to add multiple ticket types, you can customise your group ticketing restrictions for each type.



Management systems designed to save time

Recreate an existing event with our clone event feature. No more filling out every step in the setup form and creating a seating arrangement. Now, just duplicate a previous event and change some minor details, and in seconds your new event is all set. For similar events, this can save you time while also producing separate reports for both events.

Your Dashboard allows you to easily view each event’s revenue, tickets sales, page visits and additional analytics information. You can filter by day, week, or month to find an accurate data of your ticket sales and total revenue. You can also generate smart reports from EventBookings’ updated reporting module. Make use of live downloadable reporting such as sales reports, attendee lists, or booking details. With more functional trend indicators and data visualisation organisers will have better insight into the event. You can also restrict event access to certain eligible groups.

Use EventBookings’ scanner app to check-in guests. Available for both iOS and Android, it allows you to match up tickets and guests so that only those with genuine tickets are admitted entry. The app makes a record of scanned tickets so you can match them up with your attendee list. This can help you find if any guests failed to show up and, if necessary, you can offer a refund.

Our powerful seating chart builder lets you create a visual display of the seating arrangement so attendees can select their seats when booking. You can also choose to enable stage positioning, giving attendees a better experience. The visual display separates each category of ticket with colour representation. Restrict seats for any special guests coming to your event so that others cannot book them.



Easy to promote, boosting sales

EventBookings makes it easy to promote your event by prominently displaying your social media icons. Visitors coming to your page can share your event with friends and family through popular social media platforms, and they can follow your social accounts for notification on upcoming events. Just copy, paste and share your event page via social media and email, or embed it within your organisation’s website.

Coupons allow you to customise different pricing strategies, amplifying your ticket sales. Create multiple coupons with different offers. Offering discounted VIP codes to attendees who have been coming to your event for years builds goodwill and can entice them to attend again. You can also try out some last-minute coupon marketing to increase the size of your audience.

Capture important information about attendees with custom questions. Drag and drop customisable fields to manage attendee registration and pre-booking information forms. This data can be crucial for future events. This simple yet decisive feature is vital for event marketing campaigns. In the case of group ticketing, all members of the group will get to fill in individual information.



Trusted, secure, and easy to use

At EventBookings, we ensure that all your payments are safe and secure. By using our payment gateway, you can easily get a hold of your earnings. EventBookings uses PCI compliant payment gateways and has a full privacy policy to ensure that your information is securely stored. Your information is not shared with any other organisation. Additionally, if you want to integrate another payment gateway, get in touch with our support team, and they will help you out.

Skip the fuss of obligatory subscriptions or handing over user credentials to the database. Many potential attendees leave when they have to fill in a detailed form to book a ticket. That’s why we came up with a smooth checkout solution for attendees’ checkout experience. Attendees can now book their event tickets as a guest user, and discounts and coupon benefits are valid when checking out as a guest.

Awareness issues are a big reason decreasing guest numbers at your event. We’ve integrated popular online calendars (Outlook, Google, Yahoo and Apple) where attendees can add events and get alerts when nearing the event date. Cross-platform access can help the attendees manage their busy schedule and reduce the chance of them missing your event.

Navigation to your event has been made easy with the integration of Google Maps. Add in the venue of your event and attendees will be able to easily locate the event destination using Google Maps. By going to the event page, attendees can find the map navigating them to the event location. The feature has been made user-friendly for both desktop and mobile devices.



Always here to help answer your question

Our dedicated support team are at hand to help you resolve any issues received by phone or email. We always try our best to make your event creation and ticketing experience as trouble-free as possible. If you have trouble figuring out how to set up your event or have a complex requirement, we’re more than happy to help you out and provide advice. If you are more comfortable with another payment gateway, then we can help you integrate it with our system. For any general query you have, feel free to contact us.

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