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EventBookings vs Eventbrite

Find out why EventBookings is a cost-effective and smarter alternative to Eventbrite, offering all the features you want.

“EventBookings is 50% cheaper than Eventbrite”

Whether you pay it from your pocket or pass it on to your event attendees, fees are a big concern for any event organiser. Here’s an example fee comparison table that shows you how much money you’ll save if you switch to EventBookings.

Average ticket price

Number of attendees

You’ll save:


EventBookings’ Pricing:
  • 2.95% of total amount + $0.30 per ticket
  • GST inclusive

Eventbrite’s Pricing:
  • 5.0% of total amount + $0.99 per ticket
  • 10% GST applicable

Why Should You Switch to EventBookings?

EventBookings gives you almost all the features of the Eventbrite’s Professional package at a lower price.

Personal Branding

Lower Price

Better UX

Full of Features

Sell More Tickets with EventBookings

Wondering how EventBookings is more conversion-friendly than Eventbrite apart from the cheaper service fee?

Your own logo vs Eventbrite’s logo

With EvenBookings, your event page is truly yours. We won’t place our logo or promotional material on your page. But if you go with Eventbrite, your event page will have the Eventbrite logo on top.

Alternative to Eventbrite - personal branding

Alternative to Eventbrite - personal navigation bar

Generic navigation-bar vs event
specific navigation-bar

The Eventbrite nav-bar is their own and you’ll have no links belonging to your event. On the other hand,
EventBookings nav-bar is all about your event.

Promoting other events vs promoting only your event

Eventbrite will promote other similar events at the bottom of your event page based on the interest of the visitor. This may lure away your potential customers. There’s no such promotional material with EventBookings.

Alternative to Eventbrite - third party event promotion

Alternative to Eventbrite - conversion friendly design

Conversion-friendly design

EvenBookings has a more focused and conversion friendly design than Eventbrite. Let’s compare the event page banner; then it should be clear why EventBookings’ event page will sell more tickets

EventBookings Cares About Your Privacy

On-site advertising

Eventbrite keeps track of your attendees’
interests and shows them other recommended events even when they are on your event page.

Data sharing

Eventbrite has the right to share your attendees’ data with their marketing agencies, online advertising providers, and others.

Third-party advertising

Eventbrite may share data with third party websites or social media platforms to show advertisements to their users.


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