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Easy to Use

Easy to Use

No Hidden Fees

No Hidden Fees

Full Customisation

Full Customisation

Intuitive Reporting

Intuitive Reporting

Manage Your Event Registration and Sell More Tickets Online

EventBookings offers the simplest, easiest, and most affordable way to manage registration and ticketing for your events directly from your desktop, smartphone, or tablet! We provide the means to create your unique event site that acts as your branded digital event organiser, taking care of all pricing, payment, seat allocation, and attendee information of your event without you having to lift a finger. Our effectively free-to-use online event ticketing software boasts a range of user-friendly features and is perfect to use in about any kinds of events, covering all industries.

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Set up payment

Choose a payment option and verify your account. This ensures you’ll receive payment as soon as possible when your attendees purchase ticket.

Create your event

Add your desired logo, images, write your event description, set tickeing plan, and define your seating arrangement to your choice.

Start selling tickets

Direct people to your event page (by sharing event URL in social media and emails), and let your virtual ticket booth do the rest!

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Why Should You Choose EventBookings?

As well as being the most affordable online-based event registration tool and one of the best online event ticketing systems in Australia, EventBookings is super easy-to-use and built with a simplistic layout which is totally convenient for the organisers to operate. Having advanced feature like multiple payment gateways, our technologically-sophisticated online registration and event ticketing solution comes with a host of useful features. On top of this, our ingenious pricing model allows event managers and event organisers to avail our online event ticketing service without paying any fee - if they select the 'Pass On' option. The most exciting part is, you're getting all these options with a free sign-up, and no setup fee!
Some of our most popular features are listed below.

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Suitable for All Event Categories

Our effectively free-to-use online event registration system and online event ticketing platform can be used to manage any kind of event, in just about any industry. Whether it is an art competition, academic workshop, or a friendly match between two universities, you have the option to easily sell event tickets online for free using our application. Here are some of the major event categories where EventBookings' smart solution resulted in greater success for the organisers.

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