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Pass the Service Fees Onto Your Attendees

Take Advantage of Our Simple & Practical Pricing Plan

Our pricing model has been put together to bring maximum benefit to event organisers, making EventBookings the most affordable event ticketing solution in the market.

EventBookings’ service fee is charged on a per ticket basis, with no subscription or ongoing fees and no setup fees. This allows organisers to choose how much of the service fee is passed onto the attendees, meaning the use of the system can be paid for in full by event attendees. In other words, using our ticketing system can be practically free for the event organisers.

If you don’t want to pass on the fees to your attendees and want to absorb the cost yourself, please use our pricing calculator below to set your preferences and get the estimated service fee.


Service Fee: 30 cents + 2.95 % (Per ticket sold)

You have the option to absorb or pass this services fee on to your attendees

All displayed fees include GST, credit or debit card fees.

Service Fee: 30 cents + 2.50 % (Per ticket sold)

You have the option to absorb or pass this services fee on to your attendees

All displayed fees include GST. Stripe will charge additional processing fees.

Receiving Payment From Your Attendees


EventBookings gives you more than one options when it comes to receiving payment. As an organiser, you have the option to choose between two payment gateways:


Use EventBookings to process the payment. This is the default option. The service fee is automatically taken out of every payment and the remaining funds are forwarded to you at a later date. This is a good option if you want to get your event up and running quickly with minimum fuss. EventBookings has partnered with SecurePay to facilitate this process.


Connecting a Stripe account to the event page and having payment from your attendees go directly to your bank account. Credit card details will be added to your Stripe dashboard and the service fee charged with every transaction.

Pricing Calculator

We have set our pricing calculator keeping different ticketing schemes in mind. Set your own preferences and check out your estimated earning and service fee.

Is your event paid or free?
How do you want to pay the service fee?
Select payment gateway
What is the ticket price?
How many tickets ?

Total Amount You Receive


Per Ticket Attendees Pay


Total Service Fee


Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re using our EventBookings’ payment gateway, funds can take up to a day to appear in your account. For those connected via their Stripe accounts, payment will arrive immediately.

If you choose to connect a Stripe account, you will be asked to add your credit card details. Connecting with Stripe allows you to receive funds as soon as a customer pays for a ticket on your event page. As EventBookings is not involved in this transaction, a credit card is provided and charged to cover transaction costs.

You don’t have to pay any fees for the first 100 tickets claimed. After that, EventBookings collects the standard fixed amount per ticket when the event is over (50 30 cents per ticket).

You can either connect a Stripe account or go through EventBookings’ available payment gateway. Each option has its advantages. See above for more details.

EventBookings is completely free to use, so you can always sign up and see if it’s right for you. You can create as many events as you like and you won’t be charged until you start charging your attendees (or hold an event of more than 100 people).