Is there any better event ticketing platform than Ticketebo?

EventBookings vs Ticketebo

Find out why EventBookings is a better and modern alternative to Ticketebo with all the features you want.

“A superior event ticketing experience”

Say goodbye to the old and boring event page, and sell more tickets with our modern-looking, conversion-friendly ticketing solution. Here are four main reasons might help you to make the switch:

Personalised Branding

Cheaper Pricing

Much Better UI

Full Feature Set

EventBookings has No Hidden Charge

We know Ticketebo is already one of the most affordable event ticketing systems in the market. But guess what, Eventbookings costs even less. Plus, EventBookings takes no extra fee for allocated seating. There’s also no minimum booking fee. We always offer best-in-class pricing to our customers.

Fees based on the sale of
one hundred A$50 tickets

(3.85% + allocated seating fee)

Total fee
$192.5 (including GST)

Minimum booking fee
Extra fee for allocated seating


(2.95%+30 cents per ticket)

$177.5 (including GST)

Sell More Tickets with EventBookings

With its sleek, modern, user-friendly design, EventBookings will help you sell more tickets and elevate your brand. Here’re what set us apart from Ticketebo:

Better branding

With EvenBookings, your event page is truly yours. We won’t place our logo or promotional material on your page. But if you go with Ticketebo, your event page will have the Ticketebo logo on top and also at the footer.

Alternative to Ticketebo - better branding with personalised logo

Alternative to Ticketebo - branded URL

Branded URL for your event page

The URL of your event page is more personal with EventBookings. A Ticketebo event URL appears to be just another page of their site. In other hand, EventBookings gives you a subdomain which you can totally customise with your event or oranisation name.

Conversion-focused design

EvenBookings has a more attendee-focused and conversion-friendly design than Ticketebo. See the comparison between two event pages, and you’ll understand why EventBookings’ event page will sell more tickets of your event.

Alternative to Ticketebo - sell more tickets with better UI

Alternative to Ticketebo - intuitive ticketing process

Intuitive ticketing process

EventBooking’s ticket buying process is intuitive. It updates the total cost dynamically as you add/remove tickets. On the other hand, Ticketebo doesn’t show you the total ticket price until you move to the payment page.

Google map integration

EventBookings uses the most popular mapping tool aka Google Maps in the event page. With a single click, your attendees can open the event location on their phone and let the map guide them. On the other hand, Ticketebo uses OpenStreetMap, which is less user-friendly and has little to no mobile app support.

Alternative to Ticketebo - Google map integration

Alternative to Ticketebo - user friendly mobile view

User-friendly mobile view

Your event page on EventBookings looks perfect on mobile devices. But Ticketebo eventpage looks totally unfamiliar. There’s simply no menu or navigation of any sort. Clicking on the big logo at the top takes you away to the Ticketebo homepage.


We have hundreds of event organizer switching to EventBookings!

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