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Discover why EventBookings is becoming the top choice for event organisers. While many platforms devour up to 15% in ticketing fees, EventBookings ensures you retain more of your hard-earned money.

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Free Forever.
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Excellent 4.7/5

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Feature comparison EventBookings vs Billetto


Service Fee (Per Ticket)

1% + £0.30

3.90% + £0.9

Service Charge for Free Events



Unresponsive customer support



Limited customisation options



Ticket Scanner App






custom-branded event pages



real-time sales tracking



Explore accurate pricing with EventBookings

Embracing the unique requirements of every event and organisation, we've introduced an in-depth Pricing Calculator. This resource enables you to meticulously calculate precise fees,
uncovering both attendee ticket costs and the expenses you'll bear.

The 7 Key EventBookings Benefits

EventBookings offers powerful yet easy-to-use tools at a great price.

Budget-Friendly Ticketing

Event organisers prefer EventBookings for its economical ticketing, with fees as low as 2% per ticket and 30 cents for Australian events and only 1% plus 30 cents for global transactions.

Intuitive UI Design

EventBookings effectively simplifies the process of event creation, promotion, and management, offering a user-friendly interface that guarantees streamlined efficiency throughout the entire event planning journey.

Australian-Origin Business

As an Australia-based company, we're committed to transforming the event booking process for a global audience with efficient, affordable solutions.

Rapid and reliable payments

Take advantage of our dependable and expedient payment transfer system to ensure fast payouts. We place paramount importance on safeguarding your information.

Round-the-Clock Assistance

EventBookings stands out with its 24/7 support, assisting organisers with inquiries, event setup, and complex issues.

In-built video conferencing

EventBookings offers integrated video conferencing solutions, saving the valuable time and resources of organisers.

Effective Email Advertising

Take advantage of our dependable and expedient payment transfer system to ensure fast payouts. We place paramount importance on safeguarding your information.

Achieve Event Excellence with EventBookings

EventBookings offers a comprehensive package, allowing you to personalise your event page, boost ticket sales using automated marketing, and track advancement with seamless
video conferencing and in-depth analytics.

Efficient event layout

Unlike Billetto, with EventBookings, your event's key details are presented in a structured format, ensuring a seamless viewing experience and improved conversion potential. The strategically placed prominent CTA button is optimised to boost sales, while the integrated social media sharing buttons enable effortless event promotion across various platforms.

Set up events in a minute

Experience the efficiency of EventBookings, where you can easily sign up for free and swiftly set up your event with all the essential details and captivating images, all accomplished within a matter of minutes. Embark on your journey to selling tickets with unparalleled ease and swiftness.

Virtual event integration

Immerse yourself in seamless virtual events through EventBookings, where an integrated all-in-one video hosting platform replaces the requirement for external streaming services. Enjoy advantages such as real-time chat, polls, breakout rooms, and video-sharing features to enhance your experience.

Enhanced insights and comprehensive reports

Experience the power of immediate reporting and in-depth analytics with EventBookings. Keep a real-time check on ticket sales, attendance, marketing efficacy, and participant engagement to get an invaluable understanding of your event’s successes and areas for improvement.

EventBookings prioritises your privacy and security

Classified attendee records

Attendees' data is safe with EventBookings. No unrelated events cluttering your page based on preferences.

Safe data handling

Safeguarding attendee privacy is our top priority. We strictly prohibit sharing their data with marketing agencies or online advertisers.

Third-party information limit

With rigorous privacy policies in place, we don't share data with third-party websites or social media platforms for advertising motives. Your attendees' information is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

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