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Why will You Choose EvenBookings for Hosting Entertainment Events and Sell Entertainment Tickets?

Secure payment

We ensure that all of your payments are safe and secure at EventBookings. You can get your earnings by using our payment method. EventBookings has a comprehensive privacy policy to ensure that your data is safe.

100% Australian ownership

EventBookings is happy to be an Australian company that provides services to Australians. Our objective is to provide exceptional service and build great features to help you make your event a success. You are always welcome to visit our Melbourne office for a coffee and discuss your event requirements.

Dedicated support team

Our specialised customer service team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to resolve any difficulties raised by phone or email. In addition, our customer support team is always available to assist you if you are having problems setting up your event or have a complex request.

A simple, user-friendly and powerful platform, including valuable features to sell entertainment tickets

Some of our essential features are a customisable attendee registration form, various ticketing types, an intelligent dashboard, an embedded online event platform, and real-time reporting. Make the most use of our features and spread the word of your entertainment show to your target audience.

You can use EventBookings powerful online registration and ticketing platform to manage Entertainment events like

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A customisable event page

We have all of the essential options to create a captivating and dynamic event page. There isn't any extra information trouble, and only the required information needs to be given. You can build a strong brand image by changing your event page to have your brand logo, feature image, and social buttons on it.

Event promotion

You can easily promote your event with our in-built Email Marketing tool and one-click social share facility. In addition, you can measure your event's performance from our real-time reporting capabilities.

Advanced ticketing options

We offer single-price tickets, multi-price tickets, group tickets, discounts, and coupons, among other ticketing choices. You also have the ability to limit ticket quantities and establish an endless number of ticket categories. You can also request a refund if you cancel your ticket.

With EventBookings, the Entire Ticket Selling for Entertainment Events Has Been Simplified

Conversion-friendly event page

To attract guests and sell more tickets, create a professional, appealing, and customized event page.

Data-driven decision

We have all of the tools you’ll need to promote ticket sales and reporting options to give you helpful information about how your events are doing.

Bonding with attendees

A memorable event experience will aid in the development of a long-term relationship with your attendees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why will I choose EventBookings for organising my Entertainment event and not others?

We have all the tools essential to host events of any size to anywhere and anyone.

Can I organise both public and private events using EventBookings?


Can I organise both live performances and online events using EventBookings?


Is EventBookings an organiser-friendly Event ticketing platform?

Yes, EvenBookings is absolutely an organiser-friendly platform.

Can I customise my event page?

Yes, you can customise your event page as you like and make your brand visible.

Is it safe to use EventBookings?

Yes, EventBookings is safe for you. Our website is fully secure. We ensure your payments are safe and secure, and we use PCI compliant payment gateway. Furthermore, we fully secure your information with our privacy and policy and do not share it with other organisations.

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