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Discover why EventBookings is becoming the top choice for event organisers. While many platforms devour up to 15% in ticketing fees, EventBookings ensures you retain more of your hard-earned money.

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TicketTailor vs EventBookings

Free Forever.
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Excellent 4.7/5



Events created by thousands of organisations around the globe

Lower ticketing fees compared to TicketTailor

Calculate your potential savings: Adjust the sliders to see the cost difference when transitioning
from TicketTailor to EventBookings.

Feature comparison EventBookings vs TicketTailor


Service Fee (Per Ticket)

1% + £0.30

£0.50 per ticket (+ VAT)

Service Charge for Free Events



Hassle Free Refund and Cancellation



Ticket Scanner App



Unlimited Ticket Types


Only after event

Event Marketing



Survey Form



Order Form Customisation



Sell Tickets at Venue



For Nonprofits



Real Time Analytics



Discover your precise costs with EventBookings

Recognising the unique requirements of every event and organisation, we've developed a comprehensive pricing calculator. This tool empowers you to accurately determine fees,
uncovering attendee ticket costs and the expenses you'll undertake.

7 reasons to switch to EventBookings

EventBookings offers powerful yet easy-to-use tools at a great price.

Budget-friendly ticketing solutions

Experience unmatched affordability in the Australian market with our platform's 2% + 30 cents per ticket fee. Transfer charges to attendees if needed. And for international sales, add just 1%.

Smooth user journey

EventBookings simplifies event organisation, management, and promotion, ensuring an efficient and enjoyable planning journey.

Locally Australian- owned and managed

Based in Australia, we are offering efficient and budget-friendly event booking services accessible worldwide, aiming to simplify the booking process for anyone.

Fast and secure payments

Experience our quick and reliable payment transfer system, knowing that your information is safe with our secure payment processing.

Round-the-clock service

Our dedicated customer support team is always available to promptly address inquiries, aid in event setup, and tackle the most complex challenges with expertise.

In-built video conferencing

Discover integrated video conferencing within EventBookings – a modern solution to enhance efficiency and cost savings in your event management experience.

All-in-one email marketing

No need for external email services. EventBookings provides everything you need for effective email marketing within the platform.

All-in-One Event Ticketing Hub

EventBookings not only presents a more affordable service fee but provides an array of features that can easily compete with those offered by TicketTailor. Explore further reasons
why EventBookings stands out as the superior choice.

Instant event set up

No more waiting days for event registration. Welcome to EventBookings, where sign-up is quick, and setting up your event with info and visuals takes just minutes. So, don't delay; initiate your ticket sales journey now!

Simplified promotion advancement

Unlike TicketTailor, which limits your sharing choices to Twitter and Facebook accounts, EventBookings transforms the game. Enhance your event’s presence across various platforms – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and email. Dive into personalised email campaigns, offer coupons and discounts, and monitor RSVPs, making the most of the marketing solutions.

Intelligent analytics and comprehensive reporting

EventBookings offers instant reporting and comprehensive analytics to monitor ticket sales, turnout, marketing strategies, and participant interaction in real time. Get valuable insights into the success of your event for enhancing future events and boosting conversions.

Integrated video conferencing solutions

Manage your virtual gatherings using the in-built video conferencing system of EventBookings for free, with no extra software required. The platform includes real-time chat, session recording, screen sharing, and interactive polling for better participant engagement. With TicketTailor, you will require third-party software to run online events.

Why do users love EventBookings?

With a global community of more than thousands of event creators, we’re their preferred ticketing platform. Whether it’s a first event or a milestone occasion, our commitment as an independent ticketing platform is strong, offering an affordable and feature-rich solution. Our free ticketing option is loaded with endless features, free of hidden charges or setup fees. Plus, for events with paid tickets, transferring fees to attendees is straightforward.

Ensure Data Protection using EventBookings

Confidential attendee information

At EventBookings, we hold the privacy of your attendees in the highest regard. We do not use their interests to promote any other events on your page.

Ensured Data Control

We are firmly dedicated to preserving your privacy. We will not disclose your attendee's data to advertisers or marketing agencies.

Third-party data privacy

At EventBookings, privacy policies are maintained without compromise, guaranteeing that no data is exchanged with third-party websites or social media platforms.

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