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Maximize your ticket sales and reach new attendees with our built-in event promotion tools. Foster customer relationships and grow your community using our integrated marketing tools and online ticketing system.


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EventBookings provides valuable insights into event performance through real-time reporting. Enhance ticket sales and increase revenue with our available tools like coupons, early-bird discounts, group ticketing, and more.

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In United States, our fees of 1% and $0.30 per ticket are more affordable compared to Eventbrite's 3.7% and $1.79 charge.


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*Plus Stripe processing fees.

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EventBookings is a cost-effective ticketing solution, with the added benefit of being free for free events. Only pay when you sell tickets to your events, and use our pricing calculator to calculate service fees and estimated revenue.

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No matter what type of event you're hosting, EventBookings has got you covered. From local sporting clubs, to business events, festivals, cooking classes, and more, our feature-rich ticketing platform makes it easy for you to sell tickets for your event. It’s everything you need in a ticketing platform.

Need to sell tickets to an event?  No worries. We cater to the following:

Music concerts


Sporting clubs




Business conferences


Cooking classes


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Yoga classes

Dance shows

Open mic nights

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EventBookings makes your ability to sell tickets online free and easy. Some of the exciting features included are:

Real-time analytics

Keep track of your event's performance with real-time insights into ticket sales, attendee demographics, and conversion rates.

Flexible pricing options

Create a variety of ticket types, including single, group, and donation tickets, with customizable pricing and settings.

Customizable event pages

Use our free, built-in event templates or create your own custom event pages to suit your unique brand and event style.

Integrated marketing tools

Reach new audiences and foster long-lasting customer relationships with our integrated marketing tools, including email campaigns, social media integration, and more.

Powerful reporting

Install Google Analytics to track conversions and ticket sales.

Secure payment processing

Choose between EventBookings payment processing and Stripe for a secure, fast checkout experience for your attendees.

Dedicated customer support

Our team is always available to assist you with any questions or issues, ensuring a seamless experience for you and your attendees.

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