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7 reasons to choose EventBookings

Get more features for less with EventBookings, offering professional-level options at a budget-friendly price.

Affordable ticket pricing

With only a 1% fee per ticket and an additional 30 cents (in United States), EventBookings offers the most budget-friendly solution in the market. You have the option to pass these savings onto your attendees.

User-friendly experience

EventBookings presents a straightforward and user-friendly interface for creating, managing, and promoting events.

Customizable event registration forms

Tailor the event registration forms to collect specific attendee information that is relevant to your event, such as dietary restrictions, t-shirt sizes, or session preferences

Secure and speedy transactions

Take advantage of our reliable and swift payment transfer system for fast payouts. We prioritise the security of your information with secure payment processing.

24/7 customer support

Our customer support team is available at all times to answer any questions, help with event setup, and resolve even the most complex issues.

In-built video conferencing

With integrated video conferencing, EventBookings streamlines the process and saves you time and money.

Integrated email marketing

Say goodbye to the need for external email service providers. EventBookings provides all the tools needed for effective email promotions and campaigns.

Get started with EventBookings

Maximizing your event's potential with EventBookings

Say goodbye to juggling multiple tools and platforms. EventBookings brings everything you need to host a successful event under one roof. With its user-friendly registration and ticketing system, you can customize your event page and boost ticket sales with built-in marketing automation tools. 

Keep track of your event's progress with in-platform video conferencing and analytic tools, all accessible in one convenient place. See the difference between EventBookings and TryBooking:

Streamlined ticketing and registration

EventBookings provides flexible options for both individual and group ticketing, allowing you to customize each ticket to fit your event's needs. Set discount expiration dates or limitations for your attendees, and we'll even send them an auto-generated email with a link to easily access and view their ticket from any device.

Attractive and conversion-driven event pages

Create an eye-catching and conversion-friendly event page with EventBookings. All the essential information, including time, location, ticket details, and organizer profile, is easily accessible at a glance. Our platform takes care of the design so you can focus on selling tickets.

Integrated virtual event Platform

Set up virtual events with ease on EventBookings. Our platform includes a built-in video conferencing feature, eliminating the need for third-party software. Enjoy live streaming, live chat, HD quality video, and audience engagement tools, all available on all devices.

Insightful analytics dashboard

Track your event's success with EventBookings' comprehensive dashboard. Get a full overview of your event's metrics, from ticket sales and revenue, to page views and conversion rates. Make informed decisions with access to detailed reports and subscription information.

Effortless event promotion

Promote your event with just a few clicks on EventBookings. Share your event on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and email, or use our built-in email campaign feature to reach multiple contacts with personalized messages. Schedule campaigns to maximize your ticket sales.

Your privacy is our priority

Protected attendee information

With EventBookings, your attendees' privacy is a top priority. We won't use their interests to promote other events on your event page.

Confidential data handling

Your attendees' information will remain confidential with EventBookings. We will never share it with marketing agencies or online advertisers.

No data sharing with third-parties

EventBookings operates within strict privacy policies and never transfers any data to third-party websites or social media platforms for advertising purposes.

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