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Why is EvenBookings Considered the Best Platform
to Sell Concert Tickets?

Lowest Fees in the Industry

We have the lowest service fee in the industry. Our service is free for free events. You can even pass the service fee to attendees if you do not want to pay the service fee.

On-time fund transfer

Do you require prompt payment of your ticketing fund? Don't be concerned! After your event, EventBookings will deposit your cash within 72 hours. If you require a speedier payment, we can handle your funds on demand.

Outstanding customer support

If you face any trouble setting up your event or have a complex requirement, then our customer support team is always ready to help you out.

A simple and user-friendly platform for concert events with an array of valuable features.

A customizable event registration form, numerous ticketing types, smart reporting, embedded online event platform, real time reporting are some of our essential features. In addition, there are many different kinds of concerts for additional requirements. Let’s look at a fictitious case study, which can be used to understand the option you have when using EventBookings.

You can use EventBookings robust online registration and ticketing platform to manage cultural events like

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Dynamic and Captivating Event Page

We have all the essential options to create a dynamic event page. There is no extra information trouble and must give only the required information. Furthermore, you can build a strong brand image by customizing your event page as you wish with your brand logo, feature image and social buttons.

Event promotion

We have built-in event promotion tools like one-click social share and Email Marketing facility. From our intelligent, real-time reporting feature you can get actionable insights about your event’s performance.

Unlimited ticket types

We have all the required ticketing options like single-price tickets, multi-price tickets, group tickets, discounts, and coupons. In addition, you have the power to limit ticket numbers and create unlimited categories of tickets. You can also easily cancel your ticket and get a refund.

How to Sell Concert Tickets with EventBookings

Create a conversion-friendly event page

Create a professional, beautiful, customized event page to attract attendees and sell more tickets.

Promotional tools and intelligent reporting features

We have all the tools essential for promoting ticket sales and all the reporting features to provide actionable insights about how your events are performing.

Build a long-term relationship with attendees

An extraordinary event experience will help you to build a long-term relationship with your attendees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why will I choose EventBookings for organizing my concert event and not others?

We have all the tools essential to host events of any size to anywhere and anyone.

Why will I choose EventBookings for organizing my Entertainment event and not others?


Can I organize both live performances and online events using EventBookings?


Is EventBookings an organizer-friendly Event ticketing platform?

Yes, EvenBookings is absolutely an organizer-friendly platform.

Can I customize my event page?

Yes, you can customize your event page as you like and make your brand visible.

Is it safe to use EventBookings?

Yes, EventBookings is safe for you. Our website is fully secure. We ensure your payments are safe and secure, and we use PCI compliant payment gateway. Furthermore, we fully secure your information with our privacy and policy and do not share it with other organizations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to get sponsors for my concert event?

    Whether you're planning a festival, concert, fundraising event, or conference- Sponsorship plays an integral role.
    You may have fully mapped and planned your event but still, need clarification about sponsors. The best way to start is to develop the personalities of your target donors.

    Depending on the companies you approach, only some can afford to provide the same amount of money to fund them. However, you don't want to exclude them from the event, so offer the levels and benefits associated with each group. Offering tiers let sponsors control their choices and budgets and make it easy to scale up your plan to avoid the hassles of customisation.

  • What kind of customer support can I expect from EventBookings?

    Selling maximum tickets seamlessly online is one of the biggest parts of your concert event planning and concert ticketing as it is the element that makes it easy to generate a revenue stream. From event management revenue generation and branding, EventBookings' event ticketing features are top of mind in the concert industry. Not only are we feature-rich, but we also offer 24/7 customer support for our event hosts.

    On EventBookings, you will also get a comprehensive getting started guideline and step-by-step instructions for every aspect of concert ticketing process.

  • What is the maximum number of guests I can invite?

    EventBookings allows you to organise your events with an unlimited number of participants. So use EventBookings to manage your concert or festival event ticketing without worrying about your guest list.

  • Can I integrate Google Maps on the event page?

    Absolutely. You can integrate Google Map on the event page and your event venue location will be visible to attendees registered on their digital map for the concert events.

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