The Best Event Ticketing Alternative to Eventbrite

Looking for a better alternative to Eventbrite at the most affordable prices? Find out why EventBookings breaks the price barrier.

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More Reasons to Switch to EventBookings

EventBookings offers you most of the features from the professional package of Eventbrite and much more. That too at the most affordable price.

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Compare EventBookings and Eventbrite
Fees, Features

2% + AUD 0.30
Yes. No third party tools required.
Yes (On request)
Pageview, Location, Demographic, Sources and more


5% + AUD 0.99
Only after event
Not available in the Essential package
Pageview only

That’s not all!

EventBookings is not only an affordable solution but also offers a 360-degree event management solution that includes a conversion-friendly event page, online event hosting, built-in video conferencing software, and many more at the most affordable price. The key differences between EventBookings and Eventbrite are explained below.

Conversion-friendly design​

EventBookings offers a more focused and conversion-friendly event page layout. All the vital information (date, time, place, ticket price, etc.) is visible at a glance. In addition, the Call-To-Action button (Buy Tickets) is positioned strategically for easy customer access, resulting in conversion. You can also share and promote your event on other platforms in a single click using the social media and share button. The event page has been designed to attract customers so the organisers can sell more tickets without stressing out.

Conversion-friendly design

EventBookings offers a more focused and conversion-friendly page design. On the event page, all the vital information (date, time, place, and ticket price) are visible at a glance. Also, the CTA button (Buy Tickets) is positioned strategically right after the ticket price for easy access to the buyers. The social media icons and social share button are also in clear visibility. We’ve designed the whole thing in a way that the organizers can sell more tickets without hassle.

Free Online Event Hosting

EventBookings offers you a completely free hosting facility for your online events. Unlike Eventbrite, you don’t have to worry about integrating ZOOM or other sophisticated 3rd party software. Instead, use EventBookings’ easy-to-use built-in virtual event solution to create and host online events while earning more money by selling tickets, all from one place. So why wait? Try EventBookings today and feel the difference.

Built in Analytic Tools

Our intelligent dashboard gives you an overview of your event performance at a glance, including information like ticket sales, revenue, page views, and many more. In addition, the dashboard offers quick access to features and insights, which include reports, subscriptions, conversion setup, payout and contact list..

Easy to Promote Your Event

Just click the ‘share’ button on top of your event banner to promote your event on social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Email or go to the event dashboard to share your event. Also, through the campaign feature of EventBookings, you can create an email campaign to send promotional and customized emails to multiple contacts all at once, scheduling appropriate times and dates to accelerate your ticket sale.

EventBookings Cares about Your Privacy

On-site Advertising

EventBookings will never track of your attendees’ interests and show them other recommended events when they are on your event page.

Data Sharing

EventBookings will never share your attendees’ data with their marketing agencies, online advertising providers, and others.

Third-party Advertising

EventBookings does not share any data with third-party websites or social media platforms to show ads to its users.

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