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Affordable yet simple event registration platform with everything you need

EventBookings offers:

Industry-leading low
fees costs less than Eventbrite

In United States, while Eventbrite charges 3.7% and 1.79 USD per ticket, our fees are just 1% and 0.30 USD.




Per ticket sold

*Plus Stripe processing fees.

Say goodbye to manual event registration.

Say hello to a hassle-free experience.

Whether you're hosting a business seminar, concert, conference, or community event, EventBookings has you covered. 

Our user-friendly event registration app makes it simple for you to set up and manage your event, while our advanced security measures ensure the safety of your attendees' personal and financial information.

Take advantage of our free online event registration system and see the difference it can make for your event success. 

Sign up now and join the thousands of satisfied event coordinators who trust us for their event registration needs.

Loved by customers

Excellent 4.70

EventBookings has a 4.7 rating according to Australia’s leading
software review site, Capterra.

Streamline your event registration with EventBookings - your all-in-one registration platform

Impress your attendees

Our event registration page is designed with you in mind. It features a modern, mobile-friendly design and intuitive user experience.

Control access to
your event

Choose between public or private registration options, allowing access only to those you have personally invited.

Fully customizable registration form

Build your perfect registration form using our drag-and-drop builder, including fields such as text areas, dates, numbers, file uploads, and single or multi-select options. Tailor it to meet your specific event needs.

Efficient event ticketing with 
free event registration software

Coupon support

Generate good will and drive ticket sales by offering coupon codes to loyal attendees. Boost your audience with last-minute coupon promotions.

Early bird savings

Increase ticket sales with discounts in either a percentage or fixed amount. Customize your discounts to meet your event needs.

multiple ticket types

Unlimited ticket options

Create single or group tickets with custom instructions. Control ticket sales with flexible restrictions or offer unlimited tickets. Set prices to match demand and offer unlimited ticket types.

Elevate your event 
with expert promotion

Social media advertising

Maximize ticket sales and attendance by promoting your event on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Simply share the event registration link with one click.

Event metrics and analysis

Gain insights into your event's performance with data on page visitors, audience demographics, and sales. Use this information to make informed decisions and increase revenue.

Email marketing

Create attractive emails using our website's pre-designed templates. Send invites, reminders, and updates to your audience or selected attendees.

Perfecting your event, every
detail managed

Streamlined guest entry

Ensure only ticket holders attend with EventBookings' easy-to-use check-in app. Keep track of all guest information in one convenient location.

Informed decisions through analysis

Access valuable insights on your events with our advanced reporting features and grow your revenue by selling more tickets.

Seamless team coordination

Collaborate efficiently with your team from anywhere, using a single platform. Assign tasks and build a strong team experience through our clean dashboard.

Frequently asked questions

What is an online event registration?

An online event registration system is a software platform that streamlines the ticket purchasing and check-out process for event attendees. It provides a user-friendly digital interface where guests can register, manage their tickets, and access event information with just a few clicks.

Core components of an online registration system:

  • Registration Forms: These forms capture essential attendee information like name, email address, dietary restrictions, and accessibility needs.

  • Payment Processing: Securely accepts payments for tickets or donations through various payment gateways.

  • Ticketing & Confirmation: Generates and delivers electronic tickets and confirmation emails to registered attendees.

What are the benefits of using the EventBookings event registration system?

EventBookings offers end-to-end event registration and ticketing software that simplifies this process, providing a hassle-free experience for event organisers and attendees. Here is a list of benefits it can offer you-

  • Customisable event registration form to capture required attendee information

  • Safe and secure online payment processing with real-time sales tracking.

  • Integration with popular calendar and social media platforms for a streamlined experience.

  • Ability to sell events in sessions.

  • Access to powerful reporting and analytics tools for gaining better insights into event performance.

  • Easy and fast event setup, saving time for event organisers.

  • EventBookings offers low fees, costing less than Eventbrite or TryBooking. Visit our pricing page.

  • Cutting-edge ticket scanning solution to manage your attendees with the best check-in and check-out experience. Learn more.

  • Single or group ticketing with multiple ticket types.

  • Unbeatable customer satisfaction with an excellent 4.7 rating on Australia's leading software review site, Capterra.

Does EventBookings offer event registration tools?

EventBookings provides an easy-to-use and comprehensive set of event registration tools to the organisers. Sign up for a free account, create an attractive event page, and add custom registration questions to capture all required attendee information.

Can I create custom event registration questions for attendees?

Yes! EventBookings provides a fully customisable registration form builder with a drag-and-drop interface to add custom registration questions for attendees. This allows you to create the perfect registration form tailored to your specific event needs.

How do I set up event ticketing on EventBookings?

Setting up event ticketing is an easy and transparent process at EventBookings because it always focuses on being user-friendly.

  • Begin by signing up for a free account on EventBookings to get started with creating your event and managing ticket sales.

  • Start the process by creating your event within the platform. You'll find easy-to-follow prompts and fields to input essential details.

  • Navigate to the ticketing section to set up various ticket options. Choose between single or group tickets and customise instructions as needed.

  • Specify ticket prices and any applicable discounts. Based on your event's requirements, you can limit the number of tickets available or offer unlimited tickets.

  • Share your event effortlessly on popular social media platforms.

  • Take benefits from real-time sales tracking to monitor the success of your event.

How do I create an event with EventBooking's free online registration system?

Making memorable online events is now easier with EventBookings' free event management solutions and online registration software. To create an event with EventBookings-

  • Sign up for a free account and click "Create Event."

  • Enter your event details by adding the event name, description, image, location, dates, etc.

  • Create your tickets and set the price. You can create multiple ticket types with single or group ticketing options. Set discounts and coupons if applicable.

  • Before publishing, configure your ticket order form and provide your payment details.

  • After that, press the publish button, and once done, you are ready to share your event and start selling tickets.

Can I sell my tickets using EventBookings?

Yes, of course, you can easily sell your tickets using EventBookings. Our platform offers a streamlined and user-friendly process for selling tickets to your event. It is designed to seamlessly revolutionise the event registration and ticketing process through its bundle of features and customise solutions.

Is it safe to sell my tickets on EventBookings?

Absolutely, your event's success and attendees' privacy are our primary concerns. EventBookings adheres to strict privacy policies, ensuring no data is transferred to third-party websites or social media platforms for advertising purposes. Moreover, attendees' data remains confidential, as we do not believe in sharing it with marketing agencies or advertisers to maintain a safe, secure, and private environment to sell tickets.

Can I offer discounts or promo codes on EventBookings?

Yes, you can offer discounts and promo codes on EventBookings to maximise your ticket sales. First, go to your event dashboard and select "Settings" from the left panel. Then, navigate to "Discounts and Coupons" and enable the option "I want to add coupons." Click "Manage Coupon" to set the code and details. Provide a coupon name, set the code and discount, and specify the start and end dates. You can even set a maximum use limit for added control. Once you're done, click "Save," and your coupon will be created successfully. This feature empowers you to create attractive offers for your attendees, making your event even more appealing.

How do I create multiple ticket types on EventBookings?

Creating multiple ticket types on EventBookings is a simple process that lets you offer diverse options to your attendees. You need to follow these few steps-

  • Log in to your EventBookings account and access the event for which you want to create multiple ticket types.

  • Inside your event dashboard, look for the "Ticket Settings" section.

  • Click on the option to "Add Ticket Type."

  • For each ticket type, enter the relevant details such as the name of the ticket, description, price and any customised ticket options such as early bird pricing, VIP access or group discounts.

  • If you have more than one ticket type, repeat the process for each type you want to offer, and you are good to go.

Can I sell tickets online for a charity event on EventBookings?

Certainly! EventBookings provides you with the capability to sell tickets online for your charity event and any event you want. Our platform offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to create and customise event pages, set ticket types and prices, and efficiently manage ticket sales for your charity event.

Can I use EventBookings to sell tickets to private events?

Yes, with EventBookings, you can create both public and private events. Additionally, for private events, you can sell tickets to only a selected group of people you want to invite.

Can I charge an additional fee on top of my ticket price?

With the customisable facility in every step of creating an event, you can add as many features and a touch of personalisation as you want. You can set your fixed ticket charges, additional discount offers, and, most importantly, any different fee criteria in the ticket set-up options.

What ticketing service fees do EventBookings charge?

EventBookings offers cost-effective ticketing service fees for event organisers. In Australia, our fees are just 2% of the ticket price and 30 cents; outside Australia, the fee is 0.30 + 1% charge per ticket. This makes EventBookings a more affordable option compared to any other ticketing software. Additionally, EventBookings provides the advantage of being completely free for free events. You only pay when you successfully sell tickets for your events. To precisely calculate service fees and estimate your revenue, you can utilise our pricing calculator.

Can I sell tickets online for my organisation’s fundraiser?

Yes, you can sell tickets online for your organisation’s fundraiser with EventBookings. Our ticketing platform allows you to create and sell tickets for every type of event, including fundraisers. So, by utilising EventBookings, you can fundraise and let the guests participate in giving donations as much as they want. 

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