EventBookings’ cutting-edge ticket scanning solution – a game-changer in event ticketing

Have you ever endured a painfully long queue? Then, you understand the frustration. With EventBookings, say farewell to this agony at your next event. Our scanning and mission control app restores control to your hands. Provide your attendees with the best check-in and check-out experience at your next event.

Whether you’re orchestrating a high-energy concert, a thrilling sports event, or a glamorous gala, our ticket scanning and mission control app promises to revolutionise your scanning experience.

What’s the buzz? We’ve unveiled a central mission control system that’s tailor-made for larger events, boasting online and offline functionality. Say goodbye to relying on chances. Now, your event’s success is firmly within your control.

Speed, Speed, and More Speed!

With our intuitive approach, we guarantee lightning-fast scanning, erasing unnecessary wait times. At events, a quick scan marks attendees as present with default settings, effortlessly preparing for what comes next.

Reliable Offline Mode

Bid farewell to fretting over internet access. Our scanner app seamlessly and securely stores scanning data, working effortlessly both online and offline, guaranteeing smooth ticket scanning. Even if your internet connection wavers mid-scan, our app keeps the show going, with data syncing reliably when internet access is restored.

Seamless Multi-Session Check-Ins for Strategic Event Planning

Effortlessly navigate attendees through numerous sessions and activities, whether condensed into a single day or spread across various days and locations. Empowered with control over attendee interactions, you can meticulously strategise and execute your event, ensuring a firm grip on how attendees engage and interact throughout the entire experience.

Enhance Your Data Collection

Unleash the full potential of data collection and analytics with our ‘Advanced Activity Tracking’ feature. This powerful feature empowers you with in-depth insights, allowing you to understand attendee behavior and event performance at a profound level.

Centralised Mission Control

Enter our all-new mission control app, your ultimate tool for efficient gate management. View all your scanning apps at all scanning points on an interactive map, offering a holistic view of the entire scanning operation from a centralised control centre.

But here’s where the real magic unfolds. Dive into the specifics at a scanning station, and you’ll access critical details—scanning speed, accuracy, and queue length at that particular gate. This comprehensive view of activity and performance positions you in the driver’s seat. Stay ahead of the game at your event, knowing precisely where your attention is needed, ensuring a seamless and well-organised experience for your team and attendees.

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