23 Creative Event Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Ticket Sales

When throwing a party, it’s only natural to expect a huge turnout! The same expectation exists when it comes to organising an event. The sweet number of crowd that you want at your event can only happen when there is a large volume of tickets being sold.

If you plan to achieve that just by using social media advertising, then get ready to be overwhelmed by the effort you need. Three of every four small businesses are planning to invest in social media marketing in 2019 alone! And almost all of the existing players (about 95%) plan to ramp up their budget assigned for this purpose. Meaning your competition is getting to the next level of cut-throat! So your tactics from yesterday might not help you today!

That’s why we’ve made this list to help event organizers ensure a much higher headcount. So read below as we discuss 23 creative ways to increase the ticket sales of your next event.

1. Get personal with Instagram stories

Instagram is a platform with over 1 billion monthly users. Of these 1 billion people, around 50% of them follow at least one major brand, and every one in three of these users regularly views stories from business accounts.

Posting an all-access behind the event set up story on Instagram is the perfect way to keep both attendees updated while attracting new potential individuals interested in coming along.

2. Using QR codes as part of advertising

In the coming years, around 6 billion QR codes will be redeemed by smartphones. Meaning, that over 1 billion smartphones will have accessed a QR code in that time.

QR codes provide the interested customers with all the event information they can ask for through the simple action of placing their phone over any promotional material. This code can even be used to take users directly to ticket check-out.

This initiative can be implemented through influencers, sending out t-shirts, caps, and wristbands all branded with the event QR code. That way, promoting the event can be done both online and off.

3. Using highly engaging videos as part of event promotion

Videos have always been (and will probably continue to be) a highly effective promotional tool. Studies show that four times as many people prefer video explanations of products over text. According to another study, 92% of shoppers say visuals have a significant impact on their decision to buy a product.

Creating highly engaging and relevant videos can increase ticket sales for any event. So get creative and join the hundreds of other event managers in filming today.

4. Syncing promo materials with the event theme

Using popular culture or current social events in your promotional material gives attendees something they can instantly relate to it and be more inclined to share on social media.

Having a social media post go viral is the best advertisement money can buy and is sure to increase the number of attendees at any event.

5. Having a referral program in place

Referral programs provide a massive incentive to anyone promoting an event. For a few dollars, event organizers can get fellow attendees to spread the word to family, friends and communities who are in turn more likely to buy tickets and attend the event through word of mouth.

6. Offering freebies

Offering a discount or freebie with a ticket purchase is sometimes the push a person needs to buy tickets. Freebies can also encourage early bird sales if the bonus item is available only for a limited time.

7. Collaborating with popular brands and influencers

Collaborating with popular brands or spokespeople not will only reach a larger audience through social media but encourages more people to attend based on a brand’s influence. Endorsement not only adds validity to any event but also offers attendees discounted or exclusive products when attending. This arrangement can be a win-win situation for both event organizers and the brand.

8. Video ads targeted at desktop computers

We spoke before on the importance of video ads, but here’s a trick for anyone looking at an event using their computer. People using their desktops over their phones tend to have a moment to spare; this is the perfect time to sneak in a video ad while your website loads. (As long as they’re not waiting too long.)
A longer but engaging video that targets those on computers can connect with users and get them interested in attending.

9. Reminders for abandoned users

Often we can get distracted in the middle of things, whether it’s a phone call or a pet begging for attention attendees can make it to the last stage of check-out without clicking buy.

Whatever the reason, a savvy event manager keeps this in mind when marketing their event; We’d suggest a reminder after an hour or two, even with a possible discount to close that sale.

10. Onsite chatbots independent of social media

Chat-bots while handy to answer any customer queries often require visitors to log in to their social media accounts such as Facebook messenger before they can even ask a question. As we can’t expect everyone to be always logged in, for a seamless user experience, it’s better to have an onsite chat-bot independent of social media logins.

11. Showing off previous events

Attendees want to know what to expect from any event; that’s why filling your Instagram feed with past events is a sure way to get people excited for what’s to come. As mentioned earlier, videos are highly engaging, especially with dazzling visuals or simple but informative animations.

Showing off the theme and feel of a previous event only works to remind old attendees while promoting the experience to a whole new audience.

12. Using customized memes for promotion

Memes, when pulled off correctly, are a great way to get people talking. Creative and insightful memes never fail to collect comments, reactions and shares from people all over social media. Going viral never fails to drum up interest and attract a whole range of new attendees.

13. Arranging rides for attendees

Where ever the event is being held, transportation is always a huge factor for attendees when making the decision to attend.
Offering discounted rides shares for your attendees is a huge selling point as it allows a no-hassle way to get home when the night is over. It also makes event managers appear reliable and empathetic, encouraging audiences to attend future events.

14. Sharing spotlight with local businesses

Collaborating with local cafes, bars and stores can build lasting relationships within the community all while promoting an event.

When people see a range of local food and merch all available through an event, they are inclined to come along to experience everything. Moreover, when enjoying the event, they are likely to share photos promoting not only the event but local businesses.

15. Hold a contest

Drum up excitement with a contest for exclusive VIP tickets or extras for the event. Not only does this generate buzz around the ticket sales but gives the chance for a lucky attendee to win big. Another idea is to enter every ticket brought into a raffle with big prizes for the winner at the end of the event.

16. Offering exclusive benefits to previous clients

Everyone enjoys the occasional bout of special treatment, so why not extend this to the alum of your event. Celebrate the people who have hosted events in the past, brand managers and the crowd who’s been there since day one, offering them discounted tickets or publicly showing appreciation at the event to ensure they return next time.

17. Promoting a diverse range of essential services to be offered during the event

Ensuring an event is accessible to all is the standard in today’s industry. Booking wheelchair accessible venues, providing free water, and medical aid and creating an inclusive space all work to make attendees feel welcomed.

Other services could even include offering a babysitting service or providing discounted accommodation for those who have travelled far.

Keeping everyone in mind can make a difference when it comes to who’s recommending and attending an event, so be sure to keep it at the top of the list.

18. Custom social posts for all possible event situations

Big brand like Oreo keeps social media posts ready to be pushed out during blackouts in NFL. This is a fantastic idea to keep audiences engaged during the power outage as social media is the only thing people can do at that time!

Event managers can adopt a similar campaign by ensuring attendees are sent relevant and engaging content from sign-up until the event is well underway. Not only does this keep the public attention but allows easy sharing of event details to fellow attendees, friends and family.

19. Keeping feedback booths with exciting gifts at the venue

For each event, be sure to collect detailed feedback from all the attendees using an easy to navigate, digital form. Feedback provides valuable insights on how an event can be adjusted to attract more attendees as well as identifying what’s going well for future events.

20. Use technology

Sensory stimulation is an exciting way to engage people. Using augmented/virtual reality at an event can provide attendees with an experience they’ll be talking about for months to come.

Even the use of drones can help project imagery and quotes through the event, highlighting important messages or information for the public. These can also be used to capture footage of your event to share to social media.

21. Paying attention to detail

How an event is decorated, promoted and conducted should all lineup. Having a cohesive theme throughout is something attendees look for when buying their next ticket. An event should tell someone exactly what to expect simply by its promotional items, or at least encourage viewers to research for information.

While surprises aren’t unwelcome at events, the proceedings should be clear for anyone looking to attend.

22. Being fully aware of relevant laws and permits

When it comes to the many different places an event manager can host their event, new laws and permits will constantly be along for the ride. As the event, it’s crucial that you are not only aware of these procedures but follow them and exactly. Any laws such as keeping fire exist clears must also be communicated to the public, ensuring all are safe throughout the event.

23. Hosting events beneficial to the local community

Sometimes giving back is a great way to get the public excited for an event. Deciding to help out a local charity or business can motivate people to attend for a good cause, as well as attend similar events in the future.

These are not THE only ways to boost ticket sales of your events. As you organize and manage more and more events, you would analyze data generated from those and come up with your very own ways of attaining a higher number of attendees. The only permanent formula is to learn from mistakes, have faith that you can reach your goal and focus on value addition and attendee enjoyment. If these are ensured, you are on your way to the apex!

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