EventBookings Accolades: Rising Star 2019 and Great User Experience by CompareCamp

Business software directory CompareCamp honoured our Event Ticketing Solution with ‘Rising Star 2019’ and ‘Great User Experience’ awards.


CompareCamp, a highly authoritative source for comprehensive B2B and B2C SaaS reviews, recently lauded EventBookings as one of the best event ticketing platforms this year with its 2019 Rising Star and Great User Experience honours. Our vaunted easy-to-use interface, an extensive selection of event promotion tools, and powerful reports are some of the reasons why CompareCamp gave EventBookings its nod.

We designed EventBookings to simplify the way event organisers, corporations, and even individual users create bookings, sell tickets, and manage their events. Our software caters to a number of event types, ranging from large corporate conferences to music festivals and sporting events, and even low-key gatherings such as open mics and film viewings.

What makes our software so appealing, aside from its ease of use, is that it provides users with a wide range of features that attract more attendees, simplify payment processing, and make reporting effortless. The CompareCamp review points out how EventBookings lets users go deep into the details of their events and provides comprehensive reports. These help the organisers have better and highly actionable insights which can be translated into intelligent business decisions in the future.

EventBookings will continue to improve and remain an integral part of our users’ success. Our recent accolades from CompareCamp encourage us to push the envelope and find more ways on how to enhance our platform to meet our users’ requirements and ever-changing demands.

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