Make Your Next Webinar Interactive with EventBookings

Make Your Next Webinar Interactive with EventBookings

The word ‘webinar’ is becoming a substantially used term, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic began. Put simply; a webinar is a seminar conducted online without the need for any physical venue. Virtual events are becoming the new normal and one safe way to attend any event. It is the leading way where anyone can join or participate in the webinar from any location. Especially in this day and age, businesses worldwide use webinars to interconnect and reach a worldwide market. 

Why should one organise a webinar?

A webinar is a tremendous converting form of marketing. Since the coronavirus pandemic has started, we see the vulnerabilities of in-person events and seminars. Webinar, on the other hand, is offering both professional engagement and social distance. Webinars are cost-effective alternatives to venue event. You can engage your audiences and build stronger relations; there is scope for live interaction and feedback. It saves time; otherwise, you have to spend hours setting up and tearing down a venue event space. Many online event ticketing platforms like EventBookings assist you in organising a flawless webinar to make your effort easier. 

Ways and tricks towards an interactive webinar

Ways and tricks towards an interactive webinar

You may attend any webinar having a cup of coffee lying on your bed, but for the organisers, it needs lots of planning and preparation to make a successful webinar. Game planning is an essential task. One cannot just make a plan and publish it. Let’s talk about some ways which can switch your webinar from good to great. 

1. Create a game plan

Before you make a public proclamation, you should make an overall draft of your event. What will be the possible topic, who will be your targeted audience, how much fee you will charge from audiences, what will be the likely time, which webinar platform you are going to select, what will be the discount rate, how will you promote your event and so on. 

2. Pick the right time and date

Do a little research before fixing the date. For example, if you have a global targeted audience, you can choose a considerable time to think about as many participants as possible. 

3. Go for a catchy event page

To grab the audience’s attention, you can prepare an event page and put the most demanded information. Pick a title, set down images, banners and logo of your organisation, event date and time to ensure its effectiveness. 

4. Use strategic promotional and marketing steps

Again, you need to reach the audience when you complete your event’s publication. Promotion is a big part of making a successful webinar. You can go for social media or email marketing; you can even ask for sponsors to reach a wider audience. 

5. Create a demo or test event

Once your complete your promotion and publication, practising or testing a demo event might be helpful. Keeping your audience private, you can set a demo event to understand the quality of your microphone, sound, video quality. 

6. Engagement

Making an online webinar interactive and inclusive is a considerable task. As a presenter or organiser, one should make sure that the audiences are into the event both mentally and physically. Whenever you ask something to your audience, it will make them feel that you value their presence, you care about their view. You can also put the option of the live streaming virtual event on social media. Any audience engagement activity creates a solid connection to deal with distracted audiences.

7. Evaluate your efforts

You can make observations by calculating how much audiences have attended, asking for feedback, or analysing social media data. 

These are some of the strategies which you can follow to make your virtual webinar more interactive. Still, it can be very tiresome to organise a virtual event webinar without the assistance of any virtual platform. Choosing a reputed platform like EventBookings can impact your virtual webinar into a successful and engaging event. 

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Why use EventBookings?

A flawless online event registration and ticketing platform

EventBookings is an online ticketing and event registering software. It is easily operated which has a few simple features. All you need is a device; it can be a smartphone or laptop for event registration or event booking. Sign up for free, create and publish your event in few minutes.  

What makes it unique?  

What is unique about EventBookings is that it has both online event and venue event options. EventBookings will support the user in enrollment, attendance, tracking, ticketing, payment processing, price management, attendee management, ticket allocation. EventBookings facilitates organising as well as marketing. It assists in reaching global audiences and promoting the event. It provides an accessible hosting facility as well.

Comparing with the competition it is much affordable. Organisers can get full access to manage and control the events. You have the flexibility to choose your event types from the available templates. It gives a massive advantage in ticket management as you can set the price, the number of available seats, and the amount of discount and ticket limits.

Ways to make your next virtual webinar more interactive with EventBookings

Let’s move our focus on some features of EventBookings that can facilitate making a webinar more interactive.

1. Customise your event page

Customise your event page

As an organiser, you are free to create a catchy tailor-made event page. EventBookings also has a fantastic gallery collage option, and you can attach up to 5 images on your event page. You can put the title on your own, place your company banner and logo at any corner of your choice. 

2. A companion to promote locally and globally

A companion to promote locally and globally

EventBookings has a one-click social sharing system that will let you share your event details on social media or email to your participants to attract audiences locally and globally. Visitors to your website can also share your event link. You have access to make custom coupons, early-bird discounts for marketing. It also gives you some advantage if you refer a friend.

3. A hassle-free online event ticketing solution

A hassle-free online event ticketing solution

Selling tickets to get attendees to experience it is a considerable challenge. EventBookings is here to maximise your sales. You can arrange multi-level ticketing, group ticketing, or single ticketing to maximise audiences’ number by EventBookings online ticketing solutions. Attendees only have to follow few steps to book a ticket, and they can use their coupon code or get an early-bird discount to activate the discount price.

4. Create a test event

Create a test event

You can practice by creating a free private event on EventBookings to get a clear idea about the features that EventBookings is providing, how the video and audio works, how to share your screen and use other engaging tools of EventMeet before the main event. 

5. Live-streaming facility

Live-streaming facility

To start your event on time, all you need is just a click to reach out to your audiences. It provides HD audio and video across all devices. EventBookings all in one video conferencing solution helps to engage the audiences with fantastic features. There are options of social media live streaming events. Even to engage the attendees, you can share relatable YouTube videos or clips by sharing your screen. 

6. Invite speakers

Invite speakers

EventBookings Talk show template allows you to invite speakers. Engaging the attendees with the guest speaker is a valuable way to make any event interactive, and it is helpful to kill the monotony. 

7. Engage your audiences using engaging tools of EventBookings

Engage your audiences using engaging tools of EventBookings

One can develop multiple question-answer sessions, ice-breaking poll sessions, audience chat, and interactive workshops to engage the audience. EventMeet also has the reaction of raising a hand, which can help the host notice if anyone wants to ask or say something. Using EventBookings, you can share your screen, provide a small questionnaire, or by unmuting the audience; you can talk with them. Likewise, in the beginning, to break the ice, you can ask anyone simultaneously about their profession or where are they live. You can ask your audiences to write in the chatbox or create a poll to decide the point they want you to discuss.

8. Evaluate your event

Evaluate your event

Dashboard provides intelligent reporting and analytics where you can get the update about sales leads, page visits, event management, attendee engagement. You can track the visitors and their comments as well with EventBookings.

A virtual webinar is all about planning, promotion and management Webinars, if planned carefully, can bring a massive impact on your business. By choosing the right platform to assist you in organising a successful online webinar, you can make any event as interactive and engaging as possible.

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