Monetise Your Online Events with EventBookings and Earn Money

Monetise your online events

It’s widespread in this day and age; we see YouTubers or Instagram influencers creating sponsored contents or posts, including hashtags, mentions, or links to share with their followers. Often in newspapers and magazines, we detect paid content or advertorial section. Discovering advertisements on websites and blogs is a very usual scenario. Even many websites show affiliation by recommending links to their partners. All these are varied ways of monetisation. The word ‘Monetisation’ may diverge based on the context and situation, but it refers to earning revenue from non-revenue generating items.

Online event monetisation

Considering the current pandemic situation, many organisers rely on virtual events to continue their business. As the organisers cannot just wait for the pandemic to pass and start again, the show must go on; virtual monetisation opens that door for the organisers. Virtual monetisation is a way where you can keep your organisation profitable without generating direct revenue streams.

When a user takes part in your virtual event, the money you gross from your user via ticketing fee or other charges is the revenue you will receive. In return for the value you provide to your users, you can get some remuneration in return, which helps you recover the costs and generate funds for the upcoming events or other initiatives you are planning to do.

How EventBookings will help you monetise your online events successfully

EventBookings is a newly developed online ticketing platform that offers an effortless way to set out an online event. This platform is a great option to monetise your online events. Using EventBookings, you can explore several ways of making money through virtual events, which will help you earn money and demonstrate your event’s value.

1. Stand out with a fantastic event page

An impressive event page can turn the visitors into the attendees of your virtual event. EventBookings allow the arrangers to customise the event page of their own choice. Adding banners, related pictures, valuable features of the event, dates, and including the answers to frequently asked questions, you can capture your visitors’ interests. EventBookings also has a fantastic gallery collage option, and you can put up to 5 images. You can describe why your event is worth attending and grab the guests’ attention as the more visitors you get, the more you can sell your tickets.

2. Promote your event with built-in event promotion tools

Once you come up with an outstanding event page, you need to promote your event to reach your audiences. EventBookings is here to assist you in your event promotion. You can directly share your event links to social media or embed the link on your organisation’s website using EventBookings. Visitors can also share your event links and follow your social media account for other events and notifications. Any social media is always at the top to get better audience engagement, an excellent platform for event marketing, and a great source to monetise your online event.

3. An outstanding online ticketing solution

After supplying all the details of an event, EventBookings provide a smooth and easy way for the attendees to buy online tickets for their desired event. EventBookings take a service charge per ticket basis, so you can pass that charge onto the attendees’ ticketing fee as you are free to set your events ticket price. Coupon ticketing is another strategy to get a maximum number of the audience like; you can apply a last-minute coupon offering approach to hold the attendees to buy tickets. EventBookings also have the feature of multi-level ticketing, group ticketing, and early bird discount facilities.

4. Sponsorship

A sponsor not only covers the costs; instead, it helps to expand the audience. EventBookings give you the option to create a sponsorship package that will help you show the possible values that your event will bring to their brands. As EventBookings allow the organisers to customise their event page, the arrangers can include the sponsor brand’s logo, mottos in the corner of their event page or attach other details in the confirmation email you will send to the participants. Even during the program, the host can use the sponsor’s custom-made questions in some sessions as EventBookings has the option of screen sharing.

5. Reproduce your popular events

As an organiser, when you see a particular event’s success, you can reproduce your event. To attend those events, you can take a ticketing fee from the users. In EventBookings, you get the clone event feature option to duplicate your previous event and publish it again. If it’s needed, you can change some minor details also. It will not only save your time but also become a way of monetisation of your online event.

6. Expand your reach

The more significant audience will help sell more tickets, attracting sponsors to deliver sponsor revenue. The primary target of sponsor organisations is to reach your audiences with their products. EventBookings premium subscription gives you no limit of attendees, which helps you add audiences as much as you want. Using stipe and secure pay local and global audiences can attend any virtual events with EventBookings.

How EventBookings help to attract and engage audiences-

As an organiser of an event, we always expect a room full of audience. Now the question is why the audience will pay to attend a virtual event when they can attend a venue event that can be more engaging and communicative. Many people are sceptical about attending any virtual event due to trust issues, lack of available information, the high price of tickets, irrelevant ads. To engage more attendees, the organisation should take some steps which can encourage audiences to go to the event.

Be specific:

When visitors watch your event page, they look at the event details in the event description. As an organiser, you must provide as many details but again not huge paragraphs. You have to specifically answer all the possible questions which might come up to your visitor’s head. You should attach pictures with lesser text to catch the attention.

Price of tickets:

Using EventBookings, you can customise your ticket price. The price should not be too high; otherwise, people might lose interest. Overpricing is a reason to keep the audiences away from attending virtual events. EventBookings has the option of both group ticketing and single ticketing.


Arranging giveaways or contests will attract the participants. In EventBookings, you will get the opportunities of early-bird discounts and coupons while buying tickets. You can also announce giveaways to previous clients.

Giving back to the community:

We see many events promoting a giving back campaign, which will provide benefits to the local communities. This kind of activity motivates people. EventBookings allow the organiser to make their customised form where the organisers can mention how they will contribute to the community with the earned money.

Relevant videos/tasks:

During any virtual event, the audiences hold the power to click the left button whenever they get bored or disturbed. EventMeet can play videos on YouTube or share any document, but you have to be careful while choosing the videos. For example, you cannot just give a video on becoming a professional writer when presenting an event on healthy living styles. Even while choosing the sponsor organisation, you have to choose wisely. You cannot just select anyone irrelevant. Otherwise, it will break the flow of your event.

As we all know, online events have no such geographical restrictions; attendees from any corner can attend or organise virtual events. Being an online event organiser, you will have the upper hand to reach a vast number of audiences and get a room full of attendees. You don’t even have to consider the seat capacities; all you can do is to promote and expand your event as much as you can. In the case of online event monetisation, attendees have a massive impact as they are the ones who purchase tickets; also, there is the scope of sponsorship. EventBookings is undoubtedly a rescuer to assist you in managing and monetising any online events.

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