10 Creative Ways to Provide Value to Event Sponsors

Arranging events is not an easy task. Starting from the ticket arrangements, venue booking, decorating, and food arrangements to ending the event successfully feels like a long tiring journey. But in this event arrangement game, a vital member is the event sponsor. Event sponsors are companies that support your event through funding, and in exchange, they want their brand to get exposure through that event.

As an event manager, your primary goal might be to meet the need and fulfil the event’s purpose. But the Fun fact is gaining the satisfaction of your sponsor is actually an essential purpose of the event. Usually, all the events provide their sponsors with exposure in their event, but some creative techniques might add more value to them. Because it is beneficial to both you and your event if the sponsors get their deserved highlight and attention at the event.

Types of Events

Depending on the size, events can be classified into two types,

  • Micro Events – events that are intimate and arranged with a small gathering
  • Large Events – usually involve a massive number of attendees and grand arrangements

Based on the platform the event is happening, it can be of three types

  • Online event – everyone joins virtually at any online platform and does all event rituals.
  • In-person event – the traditional event where everyone is physically present
  • Hybrid event – it’s a mixture of an online and in-person event. It means a limited number of attendees attend the event physically, and others join through the virtual medium.

Providing value to your Event Sponsors in 10 steps

01. Start branding from the tickets

The first step of any event is booking a ticket. No matter what your event type is, you have to sell event tickets. Using a logo of your sponsor brand in your ticket can be a great start to creating a good impression on your sponsor. If you sell tickets online, then adding the business link of your sponsor at the bottom line can be a great idea too. This will help the attendees know about the sponsor. To sell tickets online in Australia, EventBookings can help you arrange everything you need.

02. Arranging pre–Micro Events

Micro events are generally intimate in nature. You get the chance to know about every aspect of the event as the gathering is small. Arranging a micro event before the main event can give your sponsor some extra exposure. Also, in intimate groups, people tend to give more attention to details. In this way, the sponsor’s name and their speciality will get some focus. So, this is also a plus point for the sponsors.

03. Entry with Sponsors highlights

The first thing that any attendees notice is the entry set-up, so utilising that is a must. You can add a banner at the entry gate where your event name and details will be mentioned. To add value, mentioning the sponsor’s name is a great idea. The guests will get to know who the sponsor is at the very beginning of the event, which will have a remarkable effect on their minds while visiting the event.

04. Mixing fun in branding

In spite of your event type, adding a little fun element does no harm. In fact, the guests will be happy to have you as their event organiser as you are saving them from boredom. For a fun element, you can make a prop corner with some funny quotes where guests can click on some fun moments. Or adding elements related to the events can also be a good idea. For example, if it is a health-awareness event, you can add a treadmill as décor and declare a small gift for 15 minutes run! You might be thinking about how your sponsor will be given value in this. Well, adding their logo or any of their tagline in this fun part will gift your sponsor some extra attention.

05. Utilising the ceiling of the event venue

When the event is held physically, it is an excellent opportunity for the organisers to utilise the venue for all the creative decorations. Adding extra banners or leaflets in the walkway might look messy so using the ceiling is a great idea. Leaflets with the ad of your sponsor brand can be hung on the roof with some extra lights that can work as both décor pieces and advertisements for your sponsors.

06. Snacking while branding

Who does not love snacks in between the exploring sessions of the events? Even a small portion of snacks can add a lot of positive energy to the arrangements. The exciting news is you can impress your sponsor through this arrangement too. Cupcakes with the logo of your sponsor team or serving coffee cups with the sponsor’s name can be a great addition to your branding game.

07. Brand and photo 2-in-1 booth

Creating a photo booth has become a new tradition at every event nowadays. As there is a background at the photo booth, it means a lot of space for showing your brand ideas along with your sponsors. Add colours and image, lights and put the logos in between so that with the click of every picture, the sponsor’s name keep spreading too.

08. Hashtag Sponsorship

Put fun and catchy hashtags for both your event and your sponsor. Using a hashtag on social media is a trend now. It’s an easy way spread the names and make people remember them easily. Putting a hashtag for your sponsor will help them to reach more people even after the event.

09. Video screens for a livelier experience

Adding a video screen can be a great addition to your event. On the screen, you can put your vision or the purpose of the event. It will catch more attention of the attendees. In between, your sponsor teams can have some space, too, and you can screen their business and do a free promotion too.

10. Providing the visitors with a Token of reminders

At the end of the event, a small gift can make the guests leave with a happy face. It can be as small as a key ring or if your budget supports a full gift hamper. But don’t forget to add the logo of your sponsor to it. By this, after the event, the guests will not forget the sponsor’s name and also your great event arrangements.

These are some ideas to add more value to the event sponsor. You might ask why it is important to add more value to them when we are simply adding their names with us. But adding some extra effort will make your sponsor happy and satisfied. It will encourage them to work with you in future which is a great deal for you. So, going the extra mile for the sponsor isn’t really a bad deal at all, right?

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