10 engaging non-profit event ideas to try now

non-profit event ideas

Non-profit events are organized experiences for supporters that encourage paying and raise awareness for a cause through a set time period. These events could last for a week or occur during one critical day. This kind of event can be run in person, virtual or hybrid. Ticket selling or registration fees, event sponsorships, donations during the event, and auction or raffle tickets are some popular methods that consistently work for non-profit events. If you are thinking of arranging any non-profit event, you are in the right place.

Here we are representing 10 non-profit event ideas you would love to try and will thank us after finishing them. Let’s have a look:

Art show or exhibition

Humans are the best art in the existing world. They always prefer to visualize their inner thoughts through an art form. Exhibitions can be an excellent way to execute non-profit events. The physical exhibition might provide more weight and offer a greater sense of grandeur to your case. Online exhibitions may also work, especially in case your organization relates to digital art forms.

Pet show

The non-profit event, including four leg friends, is a great idea. You can arrange a pet fashion show including varieties of species or sing ones like a dog show or cat show. The show can be scheduled with different categories where pet lovers can show their pets’ best tricks and skills.

Run a bake sale

We all love to attend bake sales. This is another flexible and fantastic idea that works as a non-profit event. In addition, a bake sale is a good option to organize alongside other ideas in support of a larger event. For example, a pet show, art show and bake sale could form a big event you can build up.


A fundraising gala can be one of the more formal non-profit events. A Gala is a casual get-together where fun-loving people take part. It usually requires guests to come together for entertainment and a created meal. It needs to be careful when you are planning a gala event, especially to make it a successful and memorable event. You can take the help of any event ticketing platform to execute the event fruitfully.

Arrange a workshop

This is another non-profit event you can arrange with the help of any event organizer. A workshop also helps raise awareness for any cause, along with fundraising. You can deliver information or hold a read a ton, or show some videos with your related reason. Here you can provide skills in exchange for funds.

Charity auction

A charity event such as a typical auction, trivia night, or even a silent auction can be a great way to raise funds. If you arrange an in-person auction, you will also have the opportunity to run merchandise stalls. It will help you to generate more income. You can even ask for donations in the form of sponsorships.


A raffle is another productive way to make funds for a non-profit organization. Here it would be best if you gave away prices, but your focus must be on selling tickets. However, you can take the help of an online ticketing platform. Moreover, you can draw the winners on a social platform live stream instead of an in-person event.

Organize a scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is much like a treasure hunt or bakes sale event. It’s a typical family event that is the best fit for non-profit organizations. Here the best part is you don’t have as many volunteers or colossal management. Participants will do most of the work themselves. Your concern should be to get creative with more fundraising ideas. As a demonstration, you charge entry fees or can combine it with another event as well.

Cooking competition

A non-profit fundraising cooking competition is entertaining and engaging. Here you can get a broad audience and a comparatively high return. Though you have to invest in giveaway prizes, you can do crowdfunding here. You can also include an online registration fee or online ticketing with the event. You can charge a reasonable amount, but you must ensure that everyone knows the related cause.

Theatre for a cause

Collaborate with a local theatre and include them in a special fundraising event. A theatre auction is a win-win event that a non-profit organization should try. Here your donors can enjoy theatre, you can raise funds, and the theatre’s brand image will attract an audience. If you don’t have a local partner, no worries, you can also try some different things. Following the same approach, you can run a cinema for cause at the local cinema to raise funds.

If you have a search for one or for ways to hold any event for your non-profit organization, these are the best option. Eventbookings is always there to execute your events and make them easy for you.

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