How to create a venue event

Learn how to create your own event, whether online or venue-based and start selling your tickets online in just a few easy steps with EventBookings! 

In this article, we will show you a detailed guide on how to create your own Venue event.

If you are thinking of hosting your event online, please click here.

To continue with a Venue event, click on the Create Event on the top menu bar and select Venue Event

Step 1: Event Preferences

Let’s start our event creation, by providing a catchy and unique name for your event. A name to set your event apart from all the others.

Next, you can decide whether you want to sell tickets for your event or keep it free for your attendees.

For a free event, simply keep the ‘I wish to sell tickets’ box unchecked and move to the following steps.

In case you do decide on selling your tickets, you can check on the above box to add ticket types to your event in the next step.

Below this checkbox, you will also find the option to enable an ‘early bird discounts’ for your participants and an option to pass our service charges to your attendees.

If you do decide on passing the service fees, our service charges will be seen as part of the ticket price. If you opt out of this, then our service fees will be absolved within your ticket price.

Next, you can also choose to limit the number of tickets for your event or set a limit to the number of tickets each customer can purchase by enabling the ‘I wish to limit attendees to the venue event.’

If you wish to avoid this step, simply keep the checkbox unticked.

EventBookings also offers you the flexibility to host events, under the veal of privacy.

If you want to host a private event, simply enable the ‘Keep my event information hidden’ (your event will only be visible to the people YOU want) and click on ‘Continue’ to proceed to next step. 


However, if you do move forward with public events, we have to choose categories and tags for your event.

While selecting a relevant category will display your event under the chosen category, selecting important keywords for tags, will improve the discoverability of your event in our website. 

Finally, click on ‘Continue’ to proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Event Details

We begin this step by first deciding on the Event Date, Time and Duration.

If you are hosting an event consisting of multiple days, then check the ‘My event runs multiple days’, which will give you the option to add multiple sub-events to your event, for each day.

Next, we move onto choosing a venue for the event. If you have any previously added venues, you will see them appear on the drop down menu available.

For a new venue, click on ‘Add Venue’.This will generate a form. Fill it up accordingly and click on ‘Save’ to add this new venue as the venue for your event.

Next customize your online event banner, by setting a dazzling picture (or multiple!) as your event banner. Simply use ‘Change image’ to change the default image to your preferred ones.

Moving on, here add a description for your venue event. We suggest writing a clear, elaborate and inviting description for your event, so that the people visiting can easily understand your event and be influenced to attend it too!

And finally, here you can add the ticket type and their different settings.

First, decide on whether you want a single type ticket (sold individually) or a group type ticket (sold in a pack).

If you choose a Single type ticket, then you can provide the following details:

  • Name
  • Base Price
  • Sort order
  • Description

**Note: You can also add a sub-type for single tickets to create a sub-categories such as Premium, Standard or Gold. In such cases, the name and individual price of the type needs to be added and the base prices are ignored.

If you choose a Group type ticket, the following information will be asked:

  • Name
  • Price
  • Total number of tickets per group
  • Order in which they will appear.
  • Description

**Note: You cannot add a sub category of group tickets.

You can add as many ticket types and categories as you desire, by selecting the type each time and filling out their respective information. You can also add the ‘early bird discount’ settings individually for each type of ticket.

Once you are done with all of the above, click ‘Continue’ to go to the third step.

Step 3: Event Settings

In this step, you can add the final touches to your website.

If you require additional details about your attendees, enable the ‘Does your event require additional details from the attendees?’
Enabling this brings forward a form builder where you can add text fields, check boxes and many others and design a form catering to your needs.

Finally click on ‘Create’ to create your event. You will be directed to the Overview page, once your event is created and you will be asked to publish your event.

Choosing ‘Click here to publish’ will publish your event!

Advanced Settings

Here in the advanced settings, we offer you the chance to add some more minute details to your event.

For example, you can specify the booking start and end date and time through the calendar fields and the drop down menu.

Next, you can also provide additional instructions on your ticket (such as bring an ID, or food items not allowed, etc.) using the text field provided. These instructions will appear on your event’s tickets.

Last but not the least, if you want to get some feedback from your customers at the time of booking, enable the ‘Do you wish to enable additional comment section at the time of booking?’ to launch another form builder.

You can also come back to these pages anytime, through the event Overview page to modify your settings.