How to Create an Venue Event

Learn how to create your in-person event and start selling your tickets online in just a few easy steps with EventBookings! 

In this article, we will show you a detailed guide on how to create your own Venue event.

If you are thinking of hosting your event online, please click here.

To continue with a Venue event, click on the Create Event on the top menu bar and select Venue Event.

Step 1: Details

Give your event a name: Let’s start by giving your online event a name. Try making it a little catchy and unique to grab the attention of the audience.

Do you want the event to be visible for everyone? : Decide whether you want to host a public or hidden event. Public events get listed on our website and is available to anyone. Hidden events are only available to people with whom you decide to share the link.

Choose a category for your event. : For public events, please select a relevant category to help your event reach the right audience.

When is your event? : Select the event start date, time and the duration of your online event from the drop-down boxes.
However, to start your event immediately post the creation you can tick the ‘Starts Now’ checkbox above.

Add a few images to your event banner: Add a few colorful images as your event banner (you can upload as many as five) to make your event details page as colorful and vibrant as possible.

Please describe your event : Add a description of your event and explain why people should register for your event. You can also use this space to include any itineraries, schedules or important instructions related to your event. In short, utilise this space to the best of your capabilities. 

Where is your event taking place?: You can choose to reveal the venue later and proceed by simply clicking on the Continue button. However, to add a venue for your event please check the ‘This event is being hosted in a venue’ tickbox.

Start typing your venue name and you will see a list of suggestions appearing where your venue should be listed. If you select your desired venue, the rest of the address column will be auto-completed. You can also try dragging the red pin from the map and pin the venue location.

After the basic information is set, it’s time to create tickets for your event. In order for this, click on ‘Continue’ to proceed.

Step 2: Tickets

Let’s create tickets: Create your tickets by deciding on the price and the number of tickets you want in your event.

For your venue event, we offer two types of tickets:

Single Tickets: Single tickets are sold individually but a customer can manually try to book multiple of these tickets, if you allow.

To customise these tickets, you can give them your desired names (such as Gold, Silver, Platinum). You can also limit the number of tickets you want and set the number of tickets each customer can buy.

You can provide an early bird discount where you offer your tickets at a lower price for customers who choose to register at your event within a specific time period. To set this discount, enable the toggle to provide the discount amount (in fixed amount or percentage price of the ticket) and the date till which you want this ticket to be paid.

Lastly, finish of your ticket creation by providing the price and a sorting order for your tickets. This determines the order in which your tickets are to be displayed in your event page.

Our single tickets also come with the feature of adding variations to your created single ticket. For example, for your Gold single ticket you can add two variations of Child and Adult to this ticket. To do this simply click on the Add Variation button and give your variations a name and a price. Once you add a ticket variation, the single price is removed and your price of the variation tickets are considered.

Group Tickets: Group tickets are sold in bulk amount. This means if a customer buys one group ticket, they will have access to multiple tickets.

Customising your group tickets are very easy. You can do it by setting a name for the ticket, deciding on the price and the number of tickets you want to send in a bundle.

Similar to the single tickets, you can also set the early bird discount and the date till which you want this ticket to be valid. Lastly, finish by providing a sorting order for your ticket to determine the order in which you want your tickets to be displayed.

Now, if you are done with your tickets click on ‘Continue’ to proceed to the last step of the event creation.

Step 3: Settings

In this last step, you can choose to further customise your event settings.

I want the bookings to start immediately: You can customise when to start the booking for your event. Be default, we will start the booking for your event immediately.

I want the bookings to continue until my event ends: You can customise when to end the booking for your event. By default, we will let the booking for your event to continue until the event continues. 

I want my customers to pay the applicable service fees at the time when they make the bookings: You can choose to absorb our service charges within your ticket price. This will deduct our service charge from the ticket price you had set earlier. By default, we forward our service charges to your attendees and let them pay the fees in addition to the set ticket price.

I do not wish to offer my customers with option to cancel their orders and receive refund: If you do want to enable refunds, we have two options for you:

  1. Refund customers manually: Select the date until which attendees are allowed to cancel their tickets and you can review each refund request manually to decide whether you want to refund the particular attendee. 

  1. Refund customers automatically: Select the date until which attendees are allowed to cancel their tickets and the amount you want to refund and if any attendee cancels their ticket within the selected time frame, they will get the selected amount refunded automatically.

By default, we choose the no refund policy for you.

I do not require adding any special instructions on the tickets: You can provide any additional instructions to your ticket for your attendees. By default, we keep this disabled but if you require it please enable the slider to reveal the description box to provide your instructions.

I do not want to add tags in my event: Add tags to your event to increase the discoverability of your public event.

Once you are done with all this, simply click on ‘Create’ button to create your event.

You will be directed to the event dashboard where you will find your event ready to be published. But before you publish, we do have a few more advanced settings you could apply to take your event to the next level.

More Settings

To access our more settings, look into the left side menu panel of yur event dashboard. Here you will find the following customisations:

Does your event have multiple sessions?: To add sessions to your event, enable the toggle and go to the ‘Sessions’ tab to start configuring your individual sessions.

Collect attendee information?: Add attendee and booking details by enabling the slider and go to the respective tabs to build your own attendee details / booking details forms.

Do you want to add a survey for your attendees?: You can also build and add your own surveys and ask your attendees to fill them out to get a general feedback about your event.

Is your event Invite Only?: Enable this slider to make your event completely exclusive to only people you choose to invite.

And that’s it your event is all configured! Sit back, relax and prepare for your event while we take care of your tickets and attendees.

To know more about how you can use our promotional tools to promote your event, please head over to our Help Center and browse through our Promote Event category.

And, as always we are always here for any queries you might have.

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