EventBookings Acknowledged by the Top Software Review Platforms

With EventBookings, our initial aim was to offer the most affordable and simplified event ticketing process for the event organizers out there, for both small and mid-size businesses. We also wanted to leverage customizable payment options for organizers to different purchase solutions to their customers.

As one of the most newly developed and promising online ticketing software, EventBookings has been featured and acclaimed in some of the highly reliable tech review platforms like Technology Evaluation Centers, Reapon, Featured Customers, DiscoverCloud, BetaPage and SoftwareWorld.

Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) recognizes EventBookings as the best ticketing software with low cost

Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) is an authentic online directory and advisory firm that helps business with the right software solution by providing research, reviews and evaluations. With more than 4o software categories, including ERP, BI, and CRM. They also offer authoritative software research and consulting services to large businesses and various private and public sector organizations.

Recently, TEC acknowledged EventBookings as the best yet low-cost ticketing software, compatible with small and mid-sized enterprises with 4.5/5 overall rating, on the basis of features, ease of use and value for money.

In their software overview, TEC pointed out some of our most unique features. Some of the highlighted features include useful event page design tools, customizable payment option, very accessible central event page dashboard, scanner app for both Android and iOS, simplistic price schedule, multi-layer ticketing, and so on!

REAPON honors EventBookings as one of the best software for 2020

Reapon is a hub for latest software reviews, listings, comparisons and customer testimonials of more than 170 software categories and 1200 software products and services.

EventBookings software has been exclusively featured on their top 5 event ticketing software picks for 2020, as a modern, affordable, innovative, web-based ticketing platform. As an advanced ticketing platform, our features like allowing event organizers to create tailor-made virtual booth including customizable payments, allocate seats, and guest information are the primary reasons why Reapon honored us, as one of the best event ticketing software for 2020.

Reapon also highlighted how, with little to no technical knowledge, the event organizer could create, promote and manage their event page with backend access in a very straightforward manner. They also mentioned one of the best features of EventBookings for the visitors, checking out as a guest when purchasing their ticket from the event page as well.

Featured Customer addresses us as a free and straightforward event ticketing solution

Featured Customer is an authentic and one of the largest software and service review and listing platform from satisfied SMB-enterprise users and customers all around the world with 707,560+ vendor validated customer references.

In this platform, EventBookings has been addressed as a free ticketing software where event organizers can easily create and publish their branded event page that looks after all ticketing aspects of the event.

On top of that, EventBookings, as an easy and straightforward ticketing platform, has received rating 4.8/5 from 96 satisfied users and customers, along with 6 case studies.

DiscoverCloud commends EventBookings as the easiest event and ticket distribution platform

DiscoverCloud is a highly reputable marketplace for SaaS, B2B solutions and an information hub for all the professionals all around the world, to find the right web tools, applications and resources. Their detailed information includes the product/service overview, features, integrations, pricing, and so on.

In their featured product review, EventBookings has been acclaimed for its customizable branded event page, quickly verifiable tickets and event dashboard with detailed analytics and event reports. According to DiscoverCloud, this event ticketing system is specially tailored for startups, agencies, small or large businesses (SMBs) and enterprises with more key features like refunds processing, pricing calculator, flexible payment option etc.

Betapage acknowledges us as a rising star of the event management software industry

BetaPage is a well-grounded community for tech enthusiasts who want to follow up with the latest and authentic tech products-services. In BetaPage’s product startup section, our ticketing system EvenBookings has been categorized as a rising star of the event management software industry. On top of that, EventBookings has been labelled as low-cost event creation, promotion & online ticketing platform as well!

Just like other tech communities and review platforms, BetaPage let us highlight our signature features like full customization in terms of event page creation, seating arrangement, along with affiliate marketing programs, group ticketing, similar event duplication, no sign-up checkout as a guest and so on.

SoftwareWorld acclaims EventBookings as one of their top 10 ticketing platforms in 2020

SoftwareWorld is one of the best review platforms for business-oriented software products and services. Targeted for various industries, SoftwareWorld provides authentic and comprehensive product categories, reviews, and comparisons to choose the most suitable software solutions in the market.

SoftwareWorld acknowledged EventBookings as one of their top 10+ registration software in 2020. As an easy and affordable event registration software for both small and mid-sized businesses, EventBookings is featured for its key features like fully customizable branded event page, simple payment, easily verifiable ticket, smart analytics reporting, and more!

The featured overviews of EventBookings published on these software review platforms pointed out some of our tailor-made event ticketing features available with great affordability.

With more positive recognition and acknowledgement like these reviews, we are determined to continue our event management venture with more advanced and user-friendly features.

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