10 Cool Event Sponsorship Ideas

Event management firms live and die by the success of the programs they organise. Innumerable gears and subtleties go into an event for making it a success. It is the great ideas for events that get the attendees to walk through the doors.

However, there will not be any attendees or doors to walk through if there is an issue with the cash flow. A quick solution to the problem is finding good event sponsors. But wait!

Sure, an event sponsor can fund the great idea you have for an event, but only if those  ideas for event sponsorship captivate the right people.

So, exactly what sort of sponsorship ideas for events should you have to attract solid sponsors for your event?

This article lists some intriguing event sponsorship ideas to consider for your next big event.

1. VR

VR is the future, and those who embrace the future early will be the most benefitted. An event which incorporates VR to portray a brand’s product or message will win over the crowd easily.

Event Sponsors can count on the growing public interest in VR products. VR is not a fad, but a clear indication of the technology and modes of communication which await us in the future. Embracing it will benefit your event sponsors and will definitely be a crowd pleasure for your event.

2. Mixer

Social mixers are always an excellent idea. People enjoy the wholesome appeal of the event but participating in a mixer afterwards is the whole new ballgame. Attendees are able to connect and network in a more relaxed and friendly setting.

Sponsors can advertise here to increase brand awareness and will be remembered for hosting the networking environment. This is a proactive measure and shows you are serious about serving up an efficient event.

3. Social media

A lot has been written about the merit of establishing a social media presence, especially for any type of events. Through groups, threads, hashtags and other avenues, potential attendees have the power to make your event successful even before the event begins.

Sponsors will definitely want to join events which are absolute winners in social media. Once you can display the excitement and buzz around the event on social media, event sponsors will flock to your banner to be a part of it.

4. Video

For a long time now, audiovisual incorporation has been a proven way to attract people. It’s a tried and true method. It’s not practical to integrate VR or AR into every event. That is why the next best option is the incorporation of the audiovisual medium.

Using videos, you can present the main ideas, attractions, and benefits of the events. Not everyone will read a pamphlet or a poster, but almost all will pay attention to a video.

One can also use big screens or small digital displays anywhere to show event attractions, live streams or social media chatters about the event. Videos enable the event sponsors to get attention from the attendees without much effort. If your event has such advertising opportunities, the sponsors would be nothing short of eager to invest.

5. Keynote

The keynote address or speech is a focal point for any event worth its salt. It is a great tool for generating buzz and attracting a huge portion of the crowd who look forward to hearing the keynote speaker.

Event Sponsors are likely to invest in any high profile individual from a related field is giving the speech. This also adds value to the event itself. The sponsor could brand themselves around the keynote speaker and arrange the staging area accordingly where they can get maximum exposure.

6. Event Management Tools

Event managers can make life a lot easier for themselves by digitizing everything. It can be extremely beneficial to have an event app where users can register and look up event information. Sponsors may have the opportunities to be an integral part of this feature.

Event organizers can allow sponsor advertising to take place in the event app. Furthermore, the social media pages, with reminders & event updates, could also highlight the event sponsors.

It’s a lot better than abruptly dumping sponsors on attendees at the event. An organic buildup of the event enables the event sponsors to develop a proper advertising strategy.

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7. Live Streaming

Live streaming has been all the rage for some time now. It is a very good idea to live stream the event as well as real-time social media highlights, such as amusing tweets or posts about the event from someone notable.

Event Organizers should incorporate all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Get a hashtag trending and it will show up in the live stream at regular intervals.

Meanwhile, putting up event sponsor logo and short promos to run in the corner of the screen will provide more exposure to the sponsors.
Attendees get the fun out of the live stream and sponsors can promote themselves in an unobtrusive way.

8. Free Wi-Fi

It is crucial to have Wi-Fi connection throughout the event. Attendees would need the app for an event map, seating plan, itinerary, registering for mixers, checking out the social media buzz around the event etc. Constant internet access is necessary for all these.

Posts from their social media handle, live streams and all kinds of online interaction will enable them to spread the word about the event even more. Sponsors would be benefitted by becoming part of these posts, hashtags, and the fun-filled exposure.

On the other hand, sponsors might see a no-internet access event as something amateurish as it reduces the scope of exposure to a great degree.

9. Phone charging station

If the attendee is following the items described in this write-up, meaning, enjoying the live stream, updating their statuses online, taking pictures & videos, uploading them – everything that can drain one’s phone battery, then you need to take some measures.

A lot of malls and events and public places have charging stations. The sponsors could host the charging areas with their logo, advertising and have their representatives interact with the attendees, promote their products and build a customer base.

You can name the charging station after the sponsor in this regard. This will contribute toward the goodwill of the sponsor while also associating it with a positive vibe. Once again, it is a win-win situation for both you and the sponsor.

10. Goodies

Expanding upon the previous entry, one truth has been laid in concrete – free goodies wins the heart of people 100% of the time. Regardless of the exact contents of the gifts, nobody can stay mad at something they were not even supposed to get in the first place.

Event organizers could make an arrangement with the sponsors to offer candies, snacks, bottles, gadgets, outfits branded under the sponsor’s name to make this work.

Attracting sponsors is as vital as having a brilliant idea for an event. The blueprint of an event is incomplete with a steady source of funding. These 10 cool event sponsorship ideas will definitely help you in making your event more attractive to the sponsors and enjoyable for the attendees.

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