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Frequently asked questions

Is EventBookings really free?

You can use EventBookings for free without providing us with card details. If you wish to sell tickets there is a small fee. We also have a premium plan with premium features for organisers who wish to take their event management game to the next level.

Does EventBookings charge for free events?

No. You pay zero service fees if you create and host free events. We will only charge a small amount when you sell tickets for your events.

How do I receive payment from my attendees?

It’s simple. Once your bank account details are added to your EventBookings account, you should be all set to receive the payments.

EventBookings will transfer your ticket sale revenue, minus any service charge, to your bank account after your event has concluded. If your event requires payouts in advance, please contact us and we’ll customise a plan for your event.

Is there any upfront or monthly costs?

No. EventBookings is free to use. There are no hidden fees or lock-in contracts. You can create as many events as you like, and you won’t be charged unless you sell tickets for paid events. Sign up and see if it’s right for you.

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