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From club fairs, graduation ceremonies, and sports events to virtual workshops, EventBookings has got you covered. So launch your events with us and start growing as an event organiser.

Reasons to Choose EventBookings

Australian Owned and Operated.

We're proud to be an Australian operated company serving event organisers. We want to help you have a profitable event.

Security and Privacy

Our payment gateways are PCI-compliant, and our data protection policy is comprehensive. We don't share your data with third-party platforms.

Lowest Fees in the Industry

We are not charging you for free events, and our service charge is the lowest in the industry. Visit our pricing page, and use our pricing calculator to estimate your next event's revenue.

EventBookings is a modern and simple solution for all kinds of academic event organisers

The necessary features and tools have been built into the system to ensure you can customise your school or university event as required. Event organisers can find great value in a system that makes setting up events quickly and conveniently easy, from graduation dinners and end-of-year parties to excursions and school camps. EventBookings has been tailored for use within the academic industry and was developed to focus on graduation event organisers.

Academic event organisers can use our easy-to-use online registration and ticketing system to manage successful events such as:

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EventBookings' Features that will Make You a Successful Academic Event Organiser

Group Ticketing

Our group ticketing feature will help you improve attendees' turnover rate. You can customise how many seats will be there in a group ticket and the number of tickets a single person can purchase. In addition, there is no restriction around all seats adjacent to a single group, giving attendees the freedom to choose their seats.

Attendee Dashboard

The attendees' dashboard gives guests the option to cancel their registration should they no longer be able to attend. They can also check their registered events and suggestions. We keep your attendee record stored within our system in case of future event invitations.

Early Birds Discounts

You can give a percentage or sum of the discounted ticket to selected people. You have the freedom to set up the discounts as you like. Offer coupons or various discounts with our built-in system and bring more attendees to your event.

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Event Page

Create your account for free and launch your first event by adding the event name, date, image, tickets & description.

Marketing tools

We offer intelligent email campaign features and social media promotion integration tools. In addition, with our built-in discount, coupon, and group ticketing features, you can boost your ticket sales.

Management tools

Smart features like sale and visitor analytics, organisation switching, ticket scanner, event cloning and mobile app – manage your event like a professional organiser.

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