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Pay Less with EventBookings. People pay up to 15% of their revenue to ticketing providers. EventBookings has lower fees than any other platform available.

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Free Forever.
No Credit Card Required.

Excellent 4.7/5

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Free events



Pricing in United States

1% + $0.3

3.85% service fee

Extra charge


Minimum of $1 per transactions

Event launch


Not-instant, up-to 24 hours

Third-party marketing tools



Virtual events

Embedded, no 3rd-party tools are required

3rd-party platform required

Scanner app




PCI DSS compliant

PCI DSS compliant

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EventBookings has all the features you want in a ticketing platform but in a much easier-to-use interface.

User-friendly interface

Our platform offers a smooth and intuitive dashboard for creating, managing, and promoting your events.

Flexible ticket pricing options

Set up different ticket types and pricing options, such as early bird discounts, VIP packages, group rates, or tiered pricing, to cater to various attendee segments and maximize ticket sales.

Fast and secure payments

Enjoy reliable and speedy payment transfers with our trustworthy system. Rest assured, your information is protected through our secure payment processing.

Dedicated customer support

Our customer support team is available around the clock to answer any questions, help with event setup, and resolve even the most complex issues.

Built-In video conferencing

Eliminate the need for third-party video conferencing software with EventBookings' integrated platform.

In-platform email marketing

Say goodbye to external email service providers. EventBookings provides all the necessary tools for successful email marketing, right within the platform.

3 features that make EventBookings 
a great alternative to Ticketebo

Not only does EventBookings offer a lower service fee than Ticketebo, it also boasts a comprehensive range of features to rival its competitor. Discover more reasons why EventBookings is the superior choice:

More value, less cost with EventBookings

In comparison to Ticketebo and other industry players, EventBookings offers a more affordable service charge. EventBookings charges a fee of 30 cents per ticket plus 2% for events in Australia and 30 cents per ticket + 1% for global events. In contrast, Ticketebo charges 3.85% of the ticket fee. Opt for a platform that provides the best value for your events.

Customizable, eye-catching event pages

EventBookings gives you the ability to customize a visually appealing event page with multiple images and your logo. This enhances your brand and event appeal, attracting more ticket buyers. With features such as a countdown timer above the ticket purchase button and a display of the number of remaining tickets, EventBookings provides effective ways to drive online ticket sales. Ticketebo, on the other hand, has a basic-looking event page with limited ticket-selling features.

Immediate event

Don't be held back by a platform that takes a day or more to complete your event registration process. With EventBookings, you can sign up for free and set up your event with all the details and images in just a few minutes. Why wait when you can create? Start selling tickets in no time.

Other great EventBookings features
that organizers love

Streamlined promotion with marketing tools

Maximize your event’s reach with EventBookings‘ comprehensive marketing tools. With features like custom email campaigns, social media promotion, discounts, coupons, contact lists, invitations, and RSVP tracking, you’ll have all the resources you need to promote your event with ease. Elevate your marketing game with EventBookings.

Efficient organizer dashboard

EventBookings' user-friendly dashboard provides a wealth of analytical information to help you stay on top of your event's performance. Monitor key metrics, get an overview of sales and visitor data, and make informed decisions to optimize your event.

Google map locations

With EventBookings, your attendees will have a clear understanding of the event's venue location with our integration of the venue on their digital maps.

Email campaigns at your fingertips

Easily send event invitations, reminders, and updates to your entire contact list or targeted groups using our pre-built email templates and design options.

Discounts and coupons for increased sales

Drive more ticket sales with EventBookings' built-in coupon system. Create multiple coupons with additional offers, or offer a percentage discount to select groups.

Calendar integration for convenient scheduling

Stay organized with EventBookings' integration of popular online calendars like Outlook, Google, Yahoo, and Apple. Attendees can add events and receive reminders, making sure they never miss an important event date.

Start making profitable events with Eventbookings

Protecting attendee information

At EventBookings, we guarantee the privacy of your event attendees' information. Your event page will not display other events based on their interests.

Securing sensitive data

EventBookings takes the protection of your attendees' information seriously. We will never share their data with marketing agencies or online advertisers.

Maintaining data privacy

We follow strict privacy policies and never share data with third-party websites or social media platforms for advertising purposes. We ensure the confidentiality of your attendees' information.

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