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Discover why EventBookings is becoming the top choice for event organizers. While many platforms devour up to 15% in ticketing fees, EventBookings ensures you retain more of your hard-earned money.

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Free Forever.
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1% + $0.30

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7 reasons organizers are 
switching to EventBookings

Affordable ticket costs

EventBookings charges a low fee of only 1% per ticket plus 30 cents in Finland, offering one of the most cost-effective solutions in the market. You have the option to pass on the savings to your attendees.

User-friendly platform

 The platform offers a simple and intuitive interface for creating, managing, and promoting events.

Efficient accessibility

We are committed to providing efficient and cost-effective event booking services. Accessible worldwide, we strive to make event booking a breeze.

Secure and fast transactions

EventBookings provides prompt payouts through a dependable and fast payment transfer system and uses secure payment processing to protect your information.

Round-the-clock customer support

Our customer support team is available to answer questions, help with event setup, and resolve even complex issues.

Integrated video conferencing

The platform features an in-built video conferencing solution, saving you time and money.

Embedded email marketing tools

EventBookings eliminates the need for third-party email service providers with its built-in tools for successful email marketing.

Control everything from one platform

EventBookings offers a streamlined ticketing solution that simplifies event management. Its user-friendly design is accompanied by a comprehensive set of outstanding features that can elevate your event experiences. Explore more about these features compare to Humanitx:

Low-cost ticketing solution

Choose EventBookings for a more affordable option compared to Humanitix. Our fees are 1% + 30¢ globally and 2% + 30c per ticket in Australia, while Humanitix charges 4% + 99¢ under its standard package. Utilise our intuitive features and stay within budget with our low-cost ticketing platform.

Built-in virtual event platform

With EventBookings, you can stream your events without the need for a third-party platform. Our platform includes an embedded virtual event platform with features such as video meeting recording, breakout sessions, virtual polling, and screen sharing. Humanitix requires you to integrate with third-party video conferencing software.

Intuitive organizer dashboard

Easily monitor all the important details of your event with EventBookings' intuitive dashboard. Get a complete overview of your sales status, visitor details, and more, all in one easy-to-navigate platform. Optimise your event based on analytical insights.

Branded and high-converting event page

Customize the look of your event page to match your branding with EventBookings. Our platform includes all the necessary information, such as event details, organiser profile, and ticket information in a modern layout. Add multiple sections with text, images, and videos to promote your event, and use strategic placement of social buttons, booking and countdown timers, and call-to-action buttons to increase ticket sales.

Packed with marketing tools

Maximise your event’s ticket sale with EventBookings’ marketing tools. Create custom email campaigns, promote on social media, offer discounts and coupons, send invitations, and track RSVP responses. Utilise all the available promotional tools to become a marketing pro.

Protecting your privacy with EventBookings

Attendee information security

At EventBookings, the privacy of your attendees is of utmost importance. We won't use their interests for promoting other events on your page.

Safe data management

Your attendees' details will stay secure with EventBookings. We won't share it with advertisers or marketing agencies.

Third-party data protection

EventBookings follows strict privacy guidelines and never shares any data with third-party websites or social media platforms for advertising.

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