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Discover why event organizers are switching to EventBookings. The lowest fees are just one reason.

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10 advantages of using EventBookings

The most affordable ticket fees

With just a small 1% fee per ticket and just 30 cents, EventBookings is the most budget-friendly option in Netherlands. Pass on the savings to your attendees if you choose.

Intuitive platform

Effortlessly create, manage, and promote events with EventBookings' simple and straightforward interface.

Customizable event branding

Create a unique and memorable experience for your attendees by customizing event branding, including logos, colours, and themes, to align with your organization's identity.

Secure and safe payments

Ensure your attendees' data stays safe with our PCI-compliant payment gateway.

Powerful yet user-friendly features

Host a successful event with features including mobile ticket scanning, team collaboration, promotional tools, and analytics, without any complexity.

Dedicated customer support

Our support team is always available to answer questions, assist with event setup, and address even complex issues.

Built-In video conferencing

Save time and money with EventBookings' integrated video conferencing platform.

Embedded email marketing

Say goodbye to third-party email providers and access all the necessary tools for successful email marketing within EventBookings.

Privacy guaranteed

Protect your attendees' information with EventBookings - it will never be shared with marketing agencies or advertisers.

All-in-one online event conferencing

With a built-in video platform, host online events without needing to purchase additional tools.

Create your first event in minutes

Simplified ticketing 
with a full suite of features

Maximize your ticket sales with coupons

Drive attendance with customizable coupons offering extra incentives.

Streamline check-ins with mobile ticket scanning

Effortlessly check-in guests with just a few taps on your smartphone.

Capture essential information with smart forms

Use customizable drag-and-drop forms to gather names, email addresses, phone numbers, and more.

Simple email marketing

Maximize visibility with our comprehensive email marketing solution.

Customize your event pages

Use our free event templates or create custom pages to match your brand and event style.

Sell session tickets with ease

Offer multiple session and ticket options including individual passes, multi-day passes, and group packages.

multiple ticket types

Sell tickets at the door

Sell tickets through the mobile app, even at the gate. Scan and sell tickets to your event simultaneously.

Explore EventBookings' full feature set

Event page

Responsive event page

Guests can easily book events from any device with our adaptable & user-friendly page.

Open or private events

Host events publicly or restrict attendance to only invited guests.

Booking deadline timer

Drive ticket sales with our timer feature displaying end of sales, discounts, & more.

Multi-session & multi-day options

Create events with multiple sessions or spanning multiple days.

Repeat event management

Host recurring events with daily, weekly, or monthly options.

Customizable event page

Personalize your page with company logo, feature image, social media buttons, & more.

multiple ticket types


Standard ticket

Offer regular, fixed-price tickets to all event goers while retaining full control over attendance numbers. Create multiple types of tickets for your event.

Unlimited ticket types

Sell various types of tickets like discounted early-bird, higher-priced VIP, and more.

Group ticket options

Maximize group options with unlimited possibilities. Create different ticket types with a limit on group purchases per person.

Flexible fee structures

Decide whether to pass on the service fee to attendees or pay it yourself, and set your own ticket cancellation and refund policies.

Fundraising opportunities

Utilize EventBookings for fundraising and collect donations for guests to contribute any amount they desire. 

A simpler way to manage events


Guest portal

Guests can easily manage their registration and check their event details through their personalized portal. They can also receive suggestions based on their interests.

Customizable forms

Effortlessly create attendee forms specific to your event using our intuitive form builder. Craft professional forms in just a few clicks.

Calendar integration

Integrate with popular calendars like Outlook, Google, Yahoo, and Apple for a hassle-free experience. Attendees can add events to their calendars and receive reminders before the event date.

Secure transactions

Your earnings are always secure with EventBookings, as we use PCI-compliant payment gateways and maintain strict data protection policies. Enjoy a smooth payout process with flexible payment options.

Google maps integration

Easily guide attendees to your event venue with our integration with Google Maps. The venue will be clearly displayed on the attendee's map.


Easy social sharing

Promote your event on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or email with just one click.

Boost sales with coupons

Drive ticket sales with customizable coupons that offer additional incentives.

Early bird discounts

Offer a percentage or dollar discount on tickets to specific individuals. Customize these discounts to suit your needs.

RSVP management

Track responses from your invitation list and accurately gauge attendance with the RSVP feature.

Merchandise sales

Generate extra revenue per attendee by offering merchandise at checkout.

Free advertising

List your event on our "explore" section for free and gain more exposure.

Tracking and analytics

Integrate your events into conversion tracking tools and monitor social media promotion campaigns. Add Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and Google Ads conversion codes.

Email marketing

Design professional emails using built-in templates. Send or schedule invitations, reminders, and event updates to your contacts or pre-categorized attendees.

The ultimate way to promote
and sell tickets online


Real-time event reports

Get valuable insights into your event's success with EventBookings' in-platform analytics. Monitor ticket sales and make informed decisions to maximize event potential.

Collaborative management

Collaborate with your team from anywhere using the EventBookings platform. Efficiently manage your events, assign tasks, and track progress through the organizational dashboard.

Efficient check-in

Streamline entry with EventBookings' scanning app, available on both iOS and Android. Verify tickets and guest lists on-the-go using your tablet or phone.

Duplicate event creation

Save time and effort with EventBookings' duplicate event feature. Create identical events in seconds while still retaining the option to customize as needed. Receive separate analytics reports for each event.

Waitlist functionality

Keep track of interested attendees with the waitlist feature. Offer spots as they become available by sending invitations directly from the platform.

On-site ticket sales

Sell tickets on-site with the EventBookings mobile app. Scan and sell tickets at the same time for a seamless experience.

Manage refunds

Process refunds and return payments directly to the customer's card. Choose the amount to refund with full control.

Virtual event integration

Experience seamless virtual events with EventBookings, as it integrates an all-in-one video hosting platform, eliminating the need for third-party streaming services. Benefit from features like live chat, polls, breakout rooms

Simplify event ticketing with EventBookings

How much does EventBookings cost?

For free events, there's no fee. If you're hosting a paid event, our fees are just 1% of the ticket price plus 30 cents in Netherlands. We offer the lowest prices in the industry.

What types of events can I host on EventBookings?

EventBookings is a versatile platform that allows you to plan and host a wide range of online and in-person events, including business events, charity fundraisers, school activities, and more. Check out our Explore Event page for inspiration.

Is event management or customer support included?

EventBookings is a ticket management platform that provides assistance with ticket-related queries. Any other questions should be directed to the event organizer.

Can I customize my event and profile to match my branding?

Yes! With EventBookings, you can fully personalize your event and organization profile to match your company's branding. Upload company logos, images, and banners as you set up your event and profile.

How fast can I set up my account?

Setting up an account with EventBookings is quick and easy. Simply provide a valid email address and you'll be ready to start planning events or buying tickets in minutes.

When will I receive payment after my event?

We process payments to event organizers on a weekly basis, so you can expect to receive your funds within a week of your event's end date. If you need a different arrangement, please reach out to us at to find a solution that works for both parties.

Can I add special requirements during the booking process?

Definitely! During the event setup, you can add custom fields for attendee information or booking details to gather any additional information you need.

Can I schedule multiple sessions for my event?

Yes, you can add multiple sessions to your event.

What's the maximum number of attendees I can host?

With EventBookings, there's no limit to the number of attendees you can host.