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Event ticketing should be easy. That’s why we created EventBookings.

As a team of event planners and organizers, we saw the need for a straightforward ticketing system that could be used for small and large events alike.

Our all-encompassing software platform will help you plan, promote and track the ticketing and attendance at your events.

As a subsidiary venture of Reed Graduations, EventBookings has developed this innovative ticketing software to make selling tickets an easy and seamless process.

Along the way, we’ve added extra features – including registration form builder, campaigns and high levels of customization – making it perfect even if you have the need for advanced capabilities.

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The story of EventBookings

Mark Thomas, CEO of EventBookings, spent over two decades in the educational photography industry. Trying to host events as an organizer for universities worldwide, Mark noticed that most ticketing platforms were clunky, cumbersome and complicated.

Since launching EventBookings in 2017, over 10,000 events have been hosted by 2,000+ delighted event organisers across the globe. Unfortunately, during the covid pandemic, like most other industries, the event tech industry experienced a setback. However, it could not stop the innovation at EventBookings as the platform underwent a massive transformation.

Over the last three years, EventBookings has moved into a distributed platform from its first-generation monolithic multitenant one. At the same time, another significant addition to the product was its powerful embedded virtual event video conferencing solution.

Simultaneously, EventBookings has added a robust API set to its product portfolio, encouraging organizers to sell event tickets from their customized website, keeping their brand experience consistent.

Leadership team

Mark Thomas

CEO, Founder

Mark brings the skills required to advance a large organization into expanding markets. He is the Managing Director of Thomas Hemingway Group of companies, and its product portfolio includes Reed Graduation Services, GradPak and Chamera.

Deb Acharjee


Deb is the technology and product development expert with a proven track record in building complex market-leading SaaS products. He has led engineering teams at 3P Learning (Mathletics), Infomedia, Cisco, and Oracle. Currently growing and expanding the EventBookings platform.

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