The simplest way to sell entertainment event tickets

EventBookings, our online event booking and ticketing platform, is perfect to make your entertainment event a success. It’s perfect for dance shows, carnivals, open mic nights, pet shows, and more.

Excellent 4.6/5
Excellent 4.6/5

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Pay less and keep more with EventBookings

A more affordable option compared to Eventbrite

We are proud to offer the most competitive fees for ticketing services in Belgium. For every transaction, we only charge 1% + €0.30, compared to Eventbrite's 4% + €0.99 per ticket.




Per ticket sold

*Plus Stripe processing fees.

Why choose EventBookings 
for your next entertainment event?

Stellar support

Our customer service team is available around the clock to quickly handle any inquiries or troubleshooting. Additionally, they can offer assistance in setting up events and provide answers to even the most intricate requests you may have.

Flexible ticket pricing options

Set up different ticket types and pricing options, such as early bird discounts, VIP packages, group rates, or tiered pricing, to cater to various attendee segments and maximize ticket sales.

Great features

These include customizable registration forms, various ticket types, an intelligent dashboard, an integrated online event platform and real-time reporting. Helpful features to make your entertainment event a success.

The easy way to sell tickets to your concerts, festivals and musical events

Sell tickets for
multiple session

Give your audience members the freedom to pick and choose their desired day and session time for their favourite performances, dance events, and other events. Make it convenient for them to attend the shows they love. Plus, provide unique tickets for special guests or larger groups.

multiple ticket types

Design a great page

Create an event page that reflects your website’s personality. Include a logo, attractive photo and social media buttons to match the overall look & feel of your brand. This will ensure a cohesive design that resonates with your audience.

Gate management

No matter what entertainment event you’re hosting, sell tickets quickly and easily, right at the entrance with our app. People can purchase tickets on the spot without any difficulties.

Scan patron tickets from your phone

No need to stress over check-ins at your entertainment event. Our leading-edge web app will take away the hassle by just a few taps on your smartphone.

Selling tickets to entertainment events made easy

Get the word out about your event for free

Promote your event for free on our website's "explore" section. This will help create more visibility and get you maximum bookings.

Add an additional revenue stream with merch

Make your event a hit by providing a range of merchandise (theatre programs, CDs, t-shirts, and more). This can be done when someone purchases their ticket or even on the day of the event. Doing this will help increase revenue.

Intelligent forms

Build custom Drag-and-Drop forms to collect important information like names, emails and phone numbers in an easy & convenient way. Streamline the process to save time for your patrons. Incorporating conditional elements so people only see relevant fields.

Simple team collaboration

Now, it doesn't matter where you are located. You can easily stay in touch with your team and stay connected via real-time updates. Also, assigning tasks to members is just as simple and quick.

Sell tickets to your performance art, festival
or other entertainment event

Easy to read
report & tracking

Use marketing analytics to gain  insights into the success of your entertainment event promotions. Discover which tactics are best to bring audiences to your events and measure how well they are performing.

Email marketing & social share

Tap into our advanced email marketing and  easy social share buttons to generate more ticket sales for your open mic events, musical concerts, and other events. Make the most of these resources to skyrocket your event attendance.

Specialized tickets to boost sales

Make sure your entertainment event draws in more people by offering discounts, early-bird access, employee tickets, and giveaways. You can also use count down timers to create urgency and excitement.

Ready to sell tickets to your entertainment event?