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Free Forever.
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Unlock accurate fees with the EventBookings calculator

We understand that every event and organisation is unique. That's why we have developed a comprehensive Pricing Calculator to help you determine exact fees. Find out the per-ticket cost for attendees or the amount you'll need to cover.

7 advantages of using EventBookings

Cost-effective ticketing

With just a 1% fee per ticket and an additional 30 satangs in Thailand, our platform is the most affordable in the industry. You even have the option to pass these fees onto your attendees.

Effortless user experience

Organizing, managing, and promoting events is a breeze with our straightforward and user-friendly platform.

Mobile event app

Enhance attendee engagement and provide a personalized experience with a mobile event app, enabling attendees to access event information, and receive real-time updates on their devices.

Safe and swift payments

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your information is protected through our secure payment processing system, which also offers fast transactions.

Dedicated customer support

Our customer service team is always available to answer questions, help with event setup, and solve any challenges you may face.

Built-in video conferencing

Eliminate the need for additional time and money spent on separate video conferencing software, as EventBookings has it integrated.

In-platform email marketing tools

Save time and money by utilising the all-inclusive email marketing tools offered by EventBookings, without the need for external service providers.

Maximize your event's exposure with customised pages

Create a unique event page that showcases your brand and captures the essence of your business. Personalize event details, add your logo, images, videos, and social buttons to make your page more appealing and increase conversions. Improve your return on investment with a page that speaks to your audience.

Flexible and transparent ticket pricing options

With EventBookings, you don't have to worry about hidden fees. We offer free event creation with unlimited attendees, and our booking fee is only 30 satangs per ticket plus 1% for Thailand. You also have the option to pass on the service fees to your attendees or absorb them. Unlike EventCreate, our pricing is straightforward and easy to understand.

Smart analytics and reporting features

EventBookings provides you with real-time reporting and detailed analytics so you can track ticket sales, attendance, marketing efforts, and attendee engagement. Get insights into your event's performance to improve future events and increase conversions.

Built-in video conferencing for virtual events

Host virtual events seamlessly with our built-in video conferencing platform. You can offer a high-quality video streaming experience across all devices without the need for any additional software. Our platform includes features like chat, recording, screen sharing, polling, and more to enhance participant interaction.

EventBookings: caring for your data

Secure and safe

At EventBookings, the privacy of your event attendees is our top concern. We do not display other events on your event page based on their interests.

Data privacy maintained

With EventBookings, your attendees' information is protected and will never be shared with marketing agencies or online advertisers.

Third-party data boundary

Our strict privacy policies ensure that we do not share data with third-party websites or social media platforms for advertising purposes. EventBookings always upholds confidentiality.

Empower your events with EventBookings

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