Online Registration and Ticketing System for Concerts

Concerts and shows are a fun night for all, but they do require careful organisation if you are managing the event. There are many different kinds of concerts with different requirements. Let’s take a look at a fictitious case study, which can be used to understand the options you have when using EventBookings.

You can use EventBookings’ powerful online registration and ticketing platform to manage cultural events like:

  • Music concerts
  • Talent shows
  • Festivals
  • School galas
  • Family or children’s concerts
  • Plays and musicals
  • Operas
  • Recitals
  • Comedy shows
  • Improv nights
  • Colloquiums
  • And many more…

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EventBookings offers a lot of flexibility in your event ticket management to make sure all your necessary requirements are fulfilled. Following our sample step-by-step process described below will help you create your own concert page in just a few clicks.

Setting Up Online Registration & Ticketing for Concerts

If you set up any cultural event, like a concert, then your branded event site will look like the image shown below. For our use case, we’re considering a concert titled Jonesy’s Battle of the Bands Competition.

Set Event Preferences

Right after entering your EventBookings’ dashboard and clicking on ‘Create Event’ button, you’ll be forwarded to the basic preference page of your event. Your next steps will be organised according to this setting. However, keep in mind that you can always go back and adjust these settings. For this event the organisers set multiple ticket types. But there was no discount on early registration. That could’ve been an additional marketing move for event like concert. However, they have put no restriction on number of ticket per attendee can purchase.

Customise Tickets and Pricing

Quite often there are various different ticket types needed and complex pricing arrangements. You might have different pricing, seating options and entry restrictions placed on general admission tickets, VIP and backstage passes, media passes, floor seating or any other ticket type.You can also add levels to your selected ticket types and colour them accordingly. You can also add levels to your selected ticket types and colour them accordingly. For the mentioned event, the organisers divided the tickets into four types, with different price tags. However, they’ve use two ticket levels – General and Others. General tickets are allocated for General Admission and VIP Backstage, and Other tickets are for Band Entry and Media Passes.

Enter Your Event Details

In the event details page, you’ll be able to put your event information along with your choice of banner image. Remember to choose an image that is engaging and captures peoples’ attention. This can be a big factor in determining how many tickets you sell. As with all events, the event description is very important and should feature as many of the details about your concert as possible. The content that you come up with for this section can be what encourages people to buy a ticket. So know your audience and write for them! The location map should also be added.

Configure Your Seating Arrangement

Seating arrangements can also be complex. Perhaps there are some attendees that will be seated and others that will be standing. Or you may have a venue with an unconventional seating profile, whether people are seated at tables or in blocks of seats. Event organisers can make the process easier on themselves with EventBookings. You have the option of creating as many ticket types and pricing profiles as necessary, assigning them the ability to buy tickets in certain areas and collecting the information you need to. The seating allocation system is easy to use and intuitive, allowing you to create a visual representation of your venue for your attendee’s convenience.

Additional Setting

On the last step, you can choose to activate or deactivate the event page and the slider image. You can also make the event exclusive by only allowing certain people to be able to pay for tickets, based on their personal information such as name, email or date of birth. You can also customise the process and set up mandatory text fields, checkboxes and date fields to collect attendee information.

These were the steps which were followed to set up the event page for Jonesy’s Battle of the Bands Competition. We hope that this use case helped you to understand the simplicity and effectiveness of our online ticketing platform! In any case, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have trouble setting up concert events using EventBookings.