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A system like EventBookings has a range of practical purposes when it comes to sporting events, whether your attendees are buying tickets to an event or entering a tournament themselves. From registration to ticketing, EventBookings has all the necessary features to help you organise any type of local sporting event successfully. If you are organising a sporting event and selling tickets to it, you can set this up in much the same way as you would a concert event. You may decide to sell tickets to specific seats or provide a general admission ticket price; this really depends on the venue and how it’s set up. The EventBookings platform can also be used as a registration gateway, allowing visitors to sign up and pay for their entry into sporting events in which they participate, or pay for lessons or classes with coaches or instructors. In these cases, you can customise the registration forms, ensuring that the attendees enter things like their team name, team members, availability, desired coach/instructor or any other relevant details.

EventBookings’ user-friendly online ticketing platform can be used to manage sports/activity events like:

  • Sports competitions
  • Coaching sessions
  • Tennis lessons
  • Sports camps
  • Poker tournaments
  • Yoga classes
  • Board game nights
  • Badminton tournament
  • Meditation lessons
  • Gym and PT classes

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Our sample step-by-step process described below will help you create your sports event page in just a few clicks.

Setting Up Online Registration & Ticketing for Sporting Events

If you set up any sporting event using EventBookings, then your custom event page will look like the following event that we’re using for our use case, titled 2-On-2 Basketball Tournament 2018. Let’s have a look at how this has been created by going through the various steps.

Set Event Preferences

After creating the event from the dashboard, the first step is to set the basic preferences. In our sample event the organisers did not set any ticket level. Nor there was any early registration discount, or specific seating plan. Moreover, the total number of tickets were restricted, given that this was a tournament. Note here that, the basic preferences for the event were set up in just a few clicks, it’s simple and easy like that!

Customise Tickets and Pricing

The price and ticketing options were pretty simple for this event. There was only one type of ticket. Each team would need to buy one ticket for registration. There would be total 16 teams taking part in the tournament, so there were 16 tickets. The registration fee for each team was set to $20.

Enter Your Event Details

The Event Details section comes next. Here the event name, date, time, description, location and other event information like the description of the tournament format, banner plus thumbnail were added. Putting event description is a must, both for attracting event participants and viewers. The description field should be complete with detail information of event story, interesting arrangements, exclusivity, special instruction, etc. Like in the use case we’re following here, the event organisers described everything nicely for the attendees. Another important information you should not miss is putting your event location map.

Configure Your Seating Arrangement

Event organisers have the option to make the seating management easier on themselves with the help of EventBookings’ intuitive seating allocation feature. The seating allocation system is really easy to use, allowing you to create a visual representation of your venue for your attendee’s convenience. However, for the use case we’re following of a local sports event, the organisers did not put any seating plan.

Additional Setting

Finally, in the Event Settings section, three text boxes were included to ask for the names of the participating teams, plus the names of each team members and the coach. Also, an additional section was added so that the registering teams can add any comment at the time of booking.

These were the steps which were followed to set up the event page for this 2-on-2 Basketball Tournament. Hopefully, this use case was helpful to you! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have trouble setting up sporting events using EventBookings. Our support team is always ready to guide you through the setup and customisation process.