Online Registration & Ticketing Software for Fundraising Events

Planning to organise a fundraising event? Then EventBookings is your go-to online registration solution.

We have developed a simplified online registration and ticketing software for any kind of non-profit events and fundraisers. Also, the cherry on top is, if you’re organising a free event, we will cover the service charge for the first 100 subscriptions. For details, please check our affordable pricing plan, currently the smartest one in the market.

For fundraisers, we have developed a user-friendly and really simple platform, with an array of useful features. One of our best features is the fully customisable event page, which would be a unique addition to your event. We ensure a secure database of your guest lists and donors. Also, the cool part is that you can avail the database as long as you are subscribed to our system, even after the fundraising event is over! As we will cover your first hundred registration fee without costing you a single penny, don’t you think it’s a great offer if you’re planning for a small fundraiser?

EventBookings will nicely cover your next fundraising or charity event. How about inviting others who are currently working on organising such events, as our platform would be really useful for a wide range of money raising and charity events. Some of them are listed below –

  • Annual Charity
  • PTA fundraisers
  • School Fundraisers
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Charity runs
  • Clay shoots
  • Marathons
  • Galas
  • Banquets
  • Dances
  • Auctions
  • Challengers Event
  • School-wide yard sale
  • Talent show
  • Alumni Happy Hour
  • Student Variety Show
  • Campus carnival
  • Speed dating
  • Work-a-Thon
  • Pop-up Restaurant
  • Artists auction
  • And many more…

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Create Events for Free

Consider the below-given sample step-by-step process a beginning of your own event page. This is an example that covers all the required steps to set up a charity event.

Setting Up Online Registration for Fundraising/Charity Events

This event page of Little Heaven Fundraising Fair – 2018 was created by following EventBookings' 5-step event creation process. By following these process you can design your next fundraising/charity event at ease.

Set Event Preferences

First thing first, create your account. From the dashboard click to start your event. Now, go for setting the event preferences. As you can see how the Little Heaven Fundraising Fair has selected their choices. You can follow their steps, though, if needed, you can go to the back steps and do any required modification. The organisers picked multilevel event tickets pricing. An early purchase discount was their special preference. They choose to restrict the total number of tickets. If you are planning for a larger charity event, you can prefer otherwise. But they didn’t limit the volume of tickets for a single user. In addition, they customised their own seat plan.

Customise Tickets and Pricing

This step defines how you will execute your plan for fundraising tickets and pricing. The Fundraising organisers picked two type of ticketing system- paid and free. They picked three different level for tickets and choose the colour for the seating arrangements accordingly. Three levels of tickets were distributed among exclusive, media, and general categories. For exclusive, the base price was $100 and 40 tickets were allocated for them. Exclusive ticket type was paid and they had an early discount facility. The general category had to $70 as a base ticket price. Overall 140 tickets were available for them. They had the early discount opportunity as well. This free ticketing was only available for the media personnel, as they gave the most of the media coverage. There seating had particular ticket levelling with dedicated colour. No base price was there, as they got the free ticket. But there was a catch, the event organisers decided the eligible one for media category.

Enter Your Event Details

Include all the important information here. Never miss adding any interesting facts relating to the charity. Note that whatever you will provide here would become the part of your non-profit event page. It must have all the accurate data along with an engaging description. This can be a key attention grabber. So, make it one to stand out. Here you see, the Little Heaven Fundraising organisers completed event details. They put event name, the event starting and ending date & time, the booking starting and ending date & time, and the venue. Along with this, the charity arrangers picked attractive banner and event images. The bottom line is, the event page is to tempt as many attendees as possible.

Configure Your Seating Arrangement

While the Non-profit event organisers planning for the seating arrangements, they picked the rectangular format. They had a total of 200 seats. They divided the whole seating area within two blocks and two rows. They allocated 100 seats for each block with maximum 10 columns for per block. Customise your seating the way you want, as EventBookings makes it the fun way to start your charity event.

Additional Settings

In this segment, you can have the contact details and other information of your guests. This database will come handy later on, and you can update them whenever you want. Little Heaven Fundraisers picked the attendees name, e-mail and state as the mandatory field on their additional detail form. While booking the tickets, the charity organisers preferred to get suggestions and other requirements. You have the liberty to choose otherwise.

Congratulations! Now that you have a complete overview of the basic steps, we hope you’ll be able to set-up your next fundraising/charity event page using EventBookings. If you like to get more assistance in setting up the event page, feel free to contact our experienced team anytime to help you out.