Online Registration & Ticketing Software for Community Events

EventBookings makes it very easy to manage community events. From online registration and price management to smooth selling and tracking of your tickets, EventBookings has all the required features to make your community event a success. Community events include a range of different kinds of events; spanning from simple meetings and get-togethers through to multi-day camps. You may be looking to sell tickets to a camp or retreat, allow volunteers to register to your organisation or facilitating a meetup between people in need. Whether it be school, community or church groups, youth camps are very popular, particularly in the U.S and Australia. They allow young people to come together and build relationships, often gaining something of educational value in the process. EventBookings online software is the ideal way to create a virtual ticket booth to distribute and track tickets to such an event.

The powerful online ticketing system of EventBookings can be used to manage community events like:

  • Youth camps
  • Church conferences
  • Volunteer or youth work registration
  • Community meetings
  • Excursions and field trips
  • Retreats
  • Support groups
  • And many more…

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Following our sample step-by-step process will guide you towards making your own event page in just a few clicks.

Setting Up Online Registration & Ticketing for Community Events

You can customise your event with numerous features like adding promotional offers, restricting attendee numbers, setting up different types and levels of tickets. All these will be reflected on your event page. Now, let's see how this particular community event Grampians Stargazing Adventure 2018 was created using EventBookings.

Set Event Preferences

The price and ticketing options were set up at the next step. A community event may have different ticket types. But in this community event, only one type of tickets would be sold.

Customise Tickets and Pricing

The Ticket Labels could be used to separate event attendees into different groups. But as this community event is a simple outdoor one, there is just one level, namely - ‘Youth Camp’. Within the ticket level, the organiser has set up the base price to be $150 and the total number of tickets as 15. Then, they decided to give an early discount of $30 to those who buy the tickets before 31 March. Notice that you also have the option of setting up a percentage based discount. This option would have been helpful if there were different types of tickets. For other kinds of community events, you may find that different ticket levels can be used to differentiate between helpers and/or volunteers, or children registering for the camp.

Enter Your Event Details

Next comes the Event Details page. Here the event name, date, time, description, location and other event information like ticket instruction, banner plus the thumbnail were added. Selecting your banner and event images can help improve engagement and properly showcase the activities or offer. Completing event description field with proper information is essential. Description field should be complete with detail information of event story, interesting arrangements, exclusivity, special instruction, etc. Like in the use case we’re following here, the event organisers shared all necessary information for the attendees. They’ve also pin-pointed the location of the event, which is another important data you need to provide.

Configure Your Seating Arrangement

Event organisers have the option to make the seating management easier on themselves with the help of EventBookings’ intuitive seating allocation feature. The seating allocation system is really easy to use, allowing you to create a visual representation of your venue for your attendee’s convenience. However, as the current use case was an outdoor event, the organisers did not put any seating plan.

Additional Setting

The final step is where they have added some additional questions for each of the attendees to ensure all attendees’ needs are looked after on the camp.

These were the steps that the event organiser followed to set up the event page for Grampians Stargazing Adventure. We hope you have found this test case to be a useful example for setting up your own community event using EventBookings. However, if you find any difficulties in setting up or managing any community events, please contact our support team anytime.