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Exclusive commission for the SPAC 2020 attendees

Offer extended till 15th February 2020.

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EventBookings’ Exclusive Affiliate Program for SPAC Annual Conference & Trade Show 2020

On sign up, you'll receive a unique link that tracks all event organizers who have signed up on your recommendation. We have an exclusive offer for the SPAC Annual  Conference & Trade Show attendees. Due to the large number of affiliate signup requests we have extended our offer until 15th February 2020. So, register today before this exclusive offer disappears!

15% Commission Rate

15% Commission Rate (best in the market)

2X of Regular Affiliate

100% Commission Rate

100% Commission (on your first event)

All Yours!

Free Affiliate Signup

Free Affiliate Signup
(extended till 15th February)

Get an Exclusive $250 Off

Start earning 2x commission today with our SPAC-exclusive affiliate program

SPAC Affiliate
SPAC Affiliate


EventBookings $1000
Your Commission 15%
You Make $150
Regular Affiliate
Regular Affiliate


EventBookings $1000
Your Commission 7.5%
You Make $75
Hurry up! This page will disappear after 15th February 2020

Additional Benefits of Our Affiliate Program

Quick & easy signup

Quick & easy signup

Go through our easy step-by-step guide to setting up your EvenBookings affiliate account. We guarantee that by the end of this guide you’ll know exactly how to get your unique affiliate link up and running quickly.

Unlimited earnings

Unlimited earnings

The size of the event doesn’t matter; you get 15% commission on all your partnered events. Higher conversions will lead to earning more money. Share more and earn more; it’s that simple. Sky is the limit!

Lifetime membership

Lifetime membership

Once you sign up, you’re a member of our affiliate program for this life. No ongoing subscription costs!

Partner with the safest platform

Partner with the safest platform

EventBookings take online security seriously; we provide customers and organizers a secure payment method that is PCI, McAfee and SSL Secure Connection compliant.

Dedicated affiliate manager

Dedicated affiliate manager

We have an experienced affiliate manager ready to assist you with queries or in solving any problems you face.

Longer cookie life

Longer cookie life

If a customer visits from your site to ours, and then comes back to sign-up within 30 days, you’ll still get the credit!

How It Works

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    Join Us
    Join Us

    Click the “Join Today” button on the banner or look for the “Sign Up” button at the bottom of this page to get started! Once joined, you will be able to access your affiliate dashboard and track your earnings over time.

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    Promote Your Link
    Promote Your Link

    To connect with other event organizers, share your affiliate link on social platforms. You can also include the link in your email signature and put it on your websites.

  • 03
    Earn Money
    Earn Money

    Get 15% commission on total profits made from events created by your referred event organizers. You and your referees can also benefit from our extended “cookie life” policy.

About EventBookings

EventBookings is an affordable and hassle-free online event ticketing platform which allows you to create tailor-made virtual ticket booths that take payments, allocates seats, and collect guest information as per your specifications. Our effectively free-to-use online ticketing software boasts a range of user-friendly features and is perfect for any type of event across all industries.

  • Quick signup
  • Branded Event Page
  • Easy Event Promotion
  • Pass on the Service Fee
  • Easily Verifiable Tickets
  • Detailed analytics

Tab 1

You can sign-up for free and activate your EventBookings account with just a few clicks. You’ll also have the option for one-click sign-up using your social accounts.

Tab 2

Upon creation, you will get your own branded event page. Customize your event page to reflect your brand using your very own logo, featured images, and social buttons.

Tab 3

With our one-click social share option and integration of your top social media accounts to event page, promoting your event will feel like a breeze.

Tab 4

When creating your event with EventBookings, you can pass on the service fee to your attendees. In this way, you can effectively use our platform free of cost. However, if you want to pay the fee by yourself, you have that option as well.

Tab 5

EventBookings app comes with its own QR code scanner which enables you to scan and verify every attendee’s ticket. This prevents identity theft and the use of fake tickets since the app can match guest tickets to those on your guest list.

Tab 6

Sales reports, attendee lists, security arrangements and more are covered in-depth in these analytics. You can take a comprehensive view of your event’s stats from a dashboard, to aid you in making necessary modifications to your event.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a type of marketing where the affiliate (the middle person between the seller and the buyer) earns a commission by linking/referring/recommending a product or service from the seller. There are three main parties involved, the merchant/seller, affiliate, and customer.

Because it’s a sure-shot to earn some extra cash!

  • No need to sell in person
  • Work from anywhere in the world
  • Source of full-time, passive income
  • No prior knowledge required
  • Flexible work schedule

A fantastic 15% of the total profit! Higher conversions lead to earning more money. Share more, earn more - as simple as that.

For example, if EventBookings earns $20,000 in your partnered program, you get to keep $3000!


The sign-up fee of $250 has been waived until 15th February 2020, and there are no ongoing subscription fees.

Following the process below -

  • A user clicks on an affiliate link that you share through your website or emails.
  • The user’s IP is logged, and a cookie is placed in their browser for tracking purposes. The user browses our website and decides to sign up with EventBookings.
  • If the user signs up successfully (they need to do this during the same browser session - cookies and IPs are stored), the sign-up will be registered as a sale for you.
  • Later, when the EventBookings user (referred by your affiliate link) creates an event and starts selling tickets, we will start calculating our service fee (per ticket sold).
  • We will review and approve total earnings, and you will get a 15% commission off the total service fee that EventBookings receives from that event!

We use Stripe, one of the most secure payment gateways, to process our online transactions.

  • You will get your earned commission in a quarterly payment schedule.
  • We will send you payment via bank transfer.
  • We do not offer any recurring commission systems for this program.
  • You will receive the commission based on EventBookings’ profit made from your referral.
  • Information regarding bank transactions should be provided correctly to get payment. Your bank information must be filled in two days prior to the pay-out date.


EventBookings take online security seriously; we provide customers and organizers with a secure payment method that is PCI, McAfee and SSL connection compliant.

Join our partnership program today and start earning for the lifetime.

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