Does EventBookings charge for free events?

You won’t pay any fees for the first 100 tickets sold. After that, EventBookings collects the standard fixed amount per ticket from the organisation when the event is over (eg. AUD30c, US50c).

How do I switch my event on / off?

Your event can be switched on or off (i.e. visibility to your customers) by going to your event in the backend, select EDIT, go to STEP 5 EVENT SETTINGS, and tick/untick the box ‘Event Status – Active’. Note, even though this is ticked, tickets can only be sold according to the booking dates set in STEP 3 EVENT DETAILS.

How do I switch my website on / off?

Your website can be switched on or off using the ‘Website Status’ button, under SETTINGS/SITE SETTINGS in the back end.

How do I access the backend of my website (admin section)?

To access the back end of your website (admin section), please add a backslash and the word ‘admin’ after the URL. Eg.

Can I easily share my events page?

Absolutely! The beauty of EventBookings is that you don’t get individual event pages for each event that you create. You will get your own events website where you can have all of your events in the one place! This means that you can promote your own unique URL to whoever and wherever you need to! You can also place a link to your new events website on your organisation website so that it is easily accessible by your customers.

Can I arrange printed items such as tickets and programs through EventBookings?

Yes! We can arrange printing of any material you would like for your events through our printing partners. Please call our printing partner, Reed Printing on +61 3 9798 7199 to discuss different options.

Can I limit the number of tickets available to each person?

Yes! When setting up your event you are able to cap the number of tickets available per person as well as what details you require them to fill out and if you would like to restrict access to events.

How do I know who has arrived at my event?

EventBookings free iOS and Android app is easily available on App Store and Play Store to download. This can be used to check guests in and has a built in scanner that will allow you to scan tickets upon entry. This will automatically mark your guests off as arrived for reporting purposes.

Does EventBookings offer allocated seating?

Yes! We have an advanced seating builder that allows you to build your room, have different pricing for different seats and block out seats that you need reserved. To have a closer look at the seating options, go to our Seating Allocations page.

What types of events can I set up through EventBookings?

A huge range of industries can use it! For more information and some examples of different events visit our SOLUTIONS page

What are the costs involved when setting up my account?

There are no set-up costs, no minimum sales, no ongoing commitments.
Please refer to our Pricing page

Where do I get help if I need it?

Our dedicated support team are on hand to promptly resolve any issues you may have, by either phone, email or our online contact form.
and phone number is +61 3 8780 4555

Does it take long to set up my account?

No, it only takes a few minutes to set up your new EventBookings account! Remember to have a valid email address ready so that we can verify your account with you so you can get started!

Can my events page reflect my company’s branding?

This can be easily done during your account activation and when you are customising your site! You can add a banner image, your company logo and custom text in each field so that your events page blends simultaneously with the rest of your material.

Do you offer reporting functions?

Yes! There is a number of different reports available through EventBookings. These can either be viewed live or you can generate and download them as required.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept both Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards.

Do my customers have to make an account with EventBookings?

Yes, but only once! This way once they are set up, they can log in and purchase tickets whenever they feel like.

Can I add in special requirements such as dietary at time of booking?

Yes, during the booking process there are fields that attendees can add details such as their dietary requirements, mobility and access requirements and any other information determined by you that may be required for your event.


Does EventBookings offer event management and customer service for my event?

EventBookings is an online event ticketing platform, unfortunately EventBookings does not currently offer event management. We are happy to assist your customers if there are any issues with our ticketing system. However, all other enquiries regarding your event will be referred to the organiser.