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How to Sign up for EventBookings’ Affiliate Program

How to sign up for EventBookings affiliate program

Affiliate programs are one of the best ways to expand your community while rewarding new and existing users with some extra incentives. With the new EventBookings affiliate program, users can promote their affiliate link from their website and social media, and earn a handful of money right away!

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll explain how easy it’s to set up your EventBookings affiliate account, and how to use this for your benefit. We guarantee that by the end of this guide you’ll know exactly how to get your unique affiliate link up and running.


Step-1: Find the Program Page

To sign-up, first go to EventBookings’ homepage. and click on the “Affiliate Sign Up” tab in the banner section. Then click on the “Learn More” button and you will be forwarded to affiliate program’s landing page.


Step-2: Join Eventbookings’ Affiliate Program

In the affiliate program’s page, you’ll find detail information about the key features and benefits. Such as:

  • 7.5% commission on EventBookings’ total profit from your all partnered events
  • No restriction on your earning limit
  • Partnering with the leading event ticketing platform in Australia

To set up your account, click on either the “JOIN TODAY” button displayed on the banner section, or the “SIGN UP” button located just before the footer. Both will forward you to the affiliate subscription form in the next step.


Step-3: Fill in All Details

Fill all the fields in the affiliate registration form before clicking the “SIGN UP TO AFFILIATE” button. Please note that the email address you use here will be your default user name for your affiliate account.

EventBookings affiliate sign up form

On successful signup, you will get the message:

“Congratulations you are now a member of EventBookings Affiliate program. You will receive an email shortly with login details.”

An email notification will be sent to your provided email address, from where you can set your desired password. Hit the “Click this link to set password” to proceed.

EventBookings affiliate program confirmation email


Step-4: Set Your Desired Password

Once forwarded to your EventBookings’ affiliate account, you’ll see that the email address provided during sign-up is set as the default user name. Here, set your password and enter the captcha code to “Set password and login”.

EventBookings affiliate account password set


Step-5: Access to Affiliate Dashboard

After setting the password, you’ll be logged in to the affiliate account’s dashboard. At the top, you will find your unique EventBookings Affiliate URL that you can share on your social media accounts, website, and blog. You’ll also find the option to customise your affiliate link in the profile settings.

EventBookings affiliate program dashboard


Once visitors click on your unique affiliate link and redirect to the EventBookings’ website, the system will mark these visitors as your referrals. As the affiliated referrer, you’ll gain a 7.5% commission on the total profit that EventBookings makes through these referrals.

A Quick Guide to EventBookings’ Affiliate Dashboard

In the EventBookings’ Post Affiliate Pro dashboard, you’ll find your unique affiliate link, holding your unique referral id, at the very top. At the left side, you will find the navigation panel and the menu.

  • In “Home”, you’ll find the total number of clicks, commissions, impressions and refunds from the last thirty days, along with whether they are unique or repeated, paid or pending.
  • Getting Started” has details on promotional tops, frequently asked questions, advanced tracking and DirectLink tracking.
  • From the “Promotion” tab, you can add campaigns, banners and links, Ad channels and gain access to advanced tools like AffLink Protector, Signup Subaffiliates, SubID Tracking and Deeplink generator.
  • Get detailed report history from the “Reports” tab, also access Quick Stats, Trends report, Commissions, Clicks list, Payouts to me, Subaffiliate Sale Stats, Tree of sub-affiliates, Channel stats report and Top referrer URL all from here.
  • Access your Details, Payment Details, Email Notification and choose your Theme from our library all from the “My Profile” tab. You can change your name, email address, referral ID and other personal information here. You can also access Personal Details and Themes by clicking respective icons at the top of the navigation bar.
  • Have a query or suggestion for us? Then feel free to leave us a message through Contact Us form.
  • When logging out, press the logout icon (power) located at the upper-left section of the navigation bar (just below your name).


So, that’s it!

Now you know how to subscribe to the EventBookings affiliate program and start earning today. We’ve got an overwhelming response from this program, inspiring us to look into more such kind of promotions in the future. We believe this is just the beginning of your journey with us. So join now and don’t miss out on everything to come.

Join EventBookings Affiliate Program and earn right away