Earn Revenue from Your Online Events

Are you hosting free webinar, e-learning, talk show or other forms of online events without realising that you can quickly turn them into a substantial revenue source? Let us show you how easily you can join thousands of successful event hosts who are monetising their online events using EventBookings!

Finally an All-in-One System that Just Works

Even if you've never hosted an online event before, or have no idea how to sell tickets for your events, EventBookings will make your event experience simple, elegant and hassle-free. Let us show you how.

Host Profitable Online Events in 3 Easy Steps


Beautiful Event

Just signup and create your online event with a few clicks using EventBookings easy-to-use system! Trust us, it is easy.


Sell Tickets And
Get Paid

EventBookings make it easy for you to share your events. We've equipped your event page with all the modern conversion-friendly features so that you can sell your tickets and get paid fast.


Finally, Host your Event
Right Here!

Now comes the big day. At the day of the event, simply login to EventBookings and start and manage your event.

It is indeed that simple. No third-party tool or technology required.

Offer Your Audience with a Unique Event Experience

Free yourself from spending valuable time and money on multiple tools like Zoom and EventBrite. EventBookings lets
your audience buy their tickets and join the events from EventBooking's integrated interface.

Switch to EventBookings and your event attendees
will love the convenience

Eventbookings Crushes The Competition

EventBooking offers a host of features for venue and online event organisers, making EventBookings the #1 choice.

Switch to EventBookings and Avoid Paying Too Much Fees

EventBookings fees are considerably less than any other providers. Don't pay 10 - 15% of your revenue. With EventBookinks you are paying only 50 cents and
2.5% (for venue event), or 3.5% (for online event) of the ticket price as your fees. That is all. There is no other hidden merchant fees for you to pay.

Average Entry Fee
Attendees Per Event
Events Per Year
Total Savings
or every 5 years
See how EventBookings compares to the others
VS EventBrite Pro
Savings per year
(excluding ZOOM fee)
VS Hoping Starter
Savings per year
VS Run The World Pro
Savings per year

We are Always Here to Help

Still not convinced that you can do this all on your own using EventsBooking's super-easy platform? EventBookings offers onboarding coach who will assist you in becoming an expert in no time. Your dedicated onboarding coach will provide you with all the required assistance so that you can nicely settle in.

Signup today and Get Access to Your Dedicated Onboarding
Coach at no Extra Cost

Transforming Thousands of Event Hosts Just Like You

Be part of a winning team. We are continuously thriving to bring the best to our customers. Be that a new product feature, help in setting up your events or event supporting your customers so that they can easily buy tickets and participate your events. Here is what some of the clients have to say.

Excellent 4.60

Over 10 reviews on

User friendly and with all the features we need, our last event using this was just so much easier to administer!
Madeline S.

Events Co-ordinator

Excellent Product. Communicating better with our customers and product launches. User friendly and affordable for a first time user.
Gabrielle B.


Excellent application. Highly recommended for event organisers.
Romo S.


Fantastic customer service. I called and talked to real people who was patient and friendly.
Joanna P.

Event manager

Excellent ticketing system and customer service. Eventbookings met my expectations and I found everything I needed.
Piyush G.

Application Developer

A cheap and excellent alternative to Eventbrite
Christopher F.

Online Marketing Executive

8731+ events created by thousands of organisations around the globe

Are You Ready for the Transformation?

Finally, All Features Under One Platform

Online Event

Built-in video conferencing platform to save you time and cost.

Venue Event

Easy-to-use features to create and manage your venue events.

Engaging Event Page

Create engaging event pages with your logo and our hero image collage gallery.

Marketing Automation

Use our marketing automation tools to promote your events on social media and email.

Sell Tickets

Start monetising your online and venue events, sell unlimited* tickets.


Engage your attendees with the speakers using our interactive tools and build your own network.


Securely record your online events and save on the cloud of your choice*.

Live Streaming

Livestream your online events on Facebook, YouTube and other social networks.

Engagement Metrics

Track your event engagement metrics like visitors, ticket sales, etc. from your dashboard.

Security & Support

Secure data and payment processing backed by a team eager to see you succeed.

Reports & Analytics

Get useful reports and insights to boost your sales and marketing activities.

Mobile & Desktop App

Stay on top of things, manage and monitor your events using the organiser app.

Host Beautiful Online and Venue Events with EventBookings

Organise venue events and host online events with unlimited possibilities. Build a unique event experience for you and your attendees.

Host Beautiful Online and Venue Events with EventBookings

Organise venue events and host online events with unlimited possibilities. Build a unique event experience for you and your attendees.

this is title icon Venue Events

Create outstanding event page for your venue events, attract attendees and sell more tickets.

this is title icon Webinar

Webinars tend to be one-way events. EventBookings helps to make them more engaging.

this is title icon Training & Workshop

Create and host profitable workshops and training sessions online, sell tickets and earn money.

this is title icon Online Class

Try our e-learning template to create a fantastic e-learning event page and drive engagement.

this is title icon Talk Show

Use our intuitive built-in event template to create and host an engaging Talk Show.

Stop! You Could be Losing Client. Is Your Current
Platform Hassle-Free?

You can create events in EventBrite (or similar tools), your customers have to use EventBrite to purchase their tickets, but they have to use Zoom to join the event on the event's day. But the problem does not stop there. How do you collect the performance of your outreach… how about the attendee feedback… how do you collect all the valuable data to drive analytics that will give you the visibility and vital insights which are the must-have for your growth?

With EventBookings, you will be creating your events, setting your ticket price, promoting your events and finally hosting your event using EventBooking's integrated features! All your data in one platform means you have more significant
insights and control of your events!

Get the Premium Plan for Free!

Free plans are always free. As a limited time and exclusive offer, signup using this form to get your premium plan for absolutely free for the first month. After the first month, you can renew your plan or it will automatically switch to a free plan. There is no contract or obligation. You can downgrade or upgrade your plan anytime you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use EventBookings absolutely free and as such you do not need to provide us with any payment details. However, EventBookings have a premium plan that offers added benefits for event hosts who wish to take it to the next level. In addition to that, EventBooking’s free plan comes with certain restrictions. A premium plan removes those restriction. You can find more on our easy and transparent fees from our pricing page.

Yes, absolutely. Not only you sell tickets for all types of event using the same easy-to-use interface, you will also be able to host your online events from within EventBookings.

There is really no limit. Our customers are using EventBookings to host webinar, talk shows, training, eLearning and in many other ways. When you setup an online event, EventBookings will provide you with option to select your ideal online event type so that it is already preconfigured to offer the best user experience to you and your attendees.

EventBookings is an online platform, so you can access all features from within your browser. But, in addition to that, EventBookings has both Desktop and Mobile applications to enhance the event experience.

Sure, please email us at contact@eventbookings.com or catch one of our friendly representatives in the Live Chat. Alternatively, if you signup now (go ahead, signup now, it is quick and free!), an experienced team member from EventBookings will contact you and introduce you to your onboarding coach. The onboarding coach is your one-stop contact. The onboarding coach is responsible for ensuring that all your questions are answered and you have a great ride!

Insights To Make Your Virtual Events Great

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