Frequently asked questions

Find answers to the common questions asked about EventBookings.

FAQ for Organizers

EventBookings can be used to set up a wide variety of both online and venue events from various categories. These include business, charity donations, school entertainment, and more. To see examples of events, go to our Explore Event page.

EventBookings is an online ticketing platform that focuses on ticket management. We are happy to aid your customers with any ticketing query but all the other enquiries are sent to the organizer.

Yes. EventBookings gives you the flexibility to customise your event in line with your company’s profile. Upload company banners, logos and images, while setting up your event and organisation profile to reflect your company’s branding.

Setting up your new EventBookings account in minutes. All you need is a valid email address to start creating events or booking tickets.

At EventBookings, we do a weekly payout to all the organizers after their event ends. So we expect that the maximum delay between your event end date and payout should be less than a week. However, if you require a different arrangement for your payouts, please contact us at to discuss a plan that would work for both parties.

EventBookings uses its own embedded video conferencing platform for all online events. Thus, you do not need any separate costs for hosting an online event. For more details on our service charges, please see our Pricing Page.

Yes. You can invite speakers to your event while setting up your online event, but only if you choose our Talk Show template.

Yes. You can add multiple sessions. Currently, we allow 20 sessions per event.

Yes. While setting up an event, you can use attendee details or booking details to add additional fields and ask for other information.

Yes! EventBookings gives you the facility to host exclusive events that are reserved for a special guest list. You can use our ‘invite only’ feature to restrict attendees to just the people you would want. Or you can simply host a hidden event and only share your event URL with select people.

Yes! As an organizer, EventBookings gives you the flexibility to decide the number of tickets available to a single customer and any information you want from them.

EventBookings lets you host your events with an unlimited number of attendees.

Absolutely! On your event detail page, you will find icons that will enable you to share your event directly on all the popular social media platforms.

Use our free iOS and Android apps to check in guests and scan their tickets upon entry. This automatically marks your guests as ‘arrived’ for reporting purposes.

Log into your EventBookings profile and go to the ‘event’ dashboard to make the necessary updates.

No! Free events are free. Free events are completely free in EventBookings and using your Basic Plan you can hold a free online event with unlimited free tickets for 2 hours. Or upgrade to our ‘Premium’ plan to hold free events with no restrictions.

When you sign up with EventBookings, your default is the Basic Plan which is free. You can upgrade to the Premium Plan at any time. Simply click on your name in the top right-hand corner – next to the ‘Create Event’ button – and go to ‘See all profiles.’ From there, make sure “Organiser” is selected. Now that you’re on the Organiser Dashboard, go to Subscriptions on the left-hand column and select ‘Upgrade To Premium.’ You can cancel the Premium Plan at any time.

We accept both Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards.

Once your event is published, go to your Organiser ‘Dashboard’ and then ‘Reports’ to view detailed reports and analytics of your attendees, orders and tickets. You can view them from your account or export them to your device.

Yes! You can arrange to print materials for your events. Please call our printing partner, Reed Printing on +61 3 9798 7199 to discuss your various options.

Yes. Customers have to make an account in EventBookings while purchasing tickets. It just takes a few minutes. Once created, they can buy tickets to multiple events.

We have a dedicated support team to resolve any issues you might have. Please feel free to reach us by emailing us at or leaving us a ticket at our Help Centre.

FAQ for Attendees

No. EventBookings will not share your contact details with any third parties. For more information read our privacy policy.

Yes. You need an account to purchase tickets for an event. It just takes a few minutes. Once your account is created, you can purchase tickets to multiple events just by signing in or even start creating your own event without re-entering your details.

Sign in to your account, visit the Explore Events page and select the desired event. Once on the page, click the “Book Now” button, fill in the necessary details and proceed to payment to complete your purchase. Note: You must verify your email address to receive your purchased tickets.

In some instances, the event organizer will maximize the number of tickets available to each person. In this case, you will only have access to your allocated number of tickets.

Some organizers will leave a field on the purchase form to provide specific information. If this field is not present, contact the organizer directly.

You will be sent an order confirmation email after your purchase (given your account is verified), containing the purchase receipt and your tickets. If you do not receive the email soon after purchase:

  • Check whether your account is verified
  • Check the email address you submitted is correct
  • If you’ve tried the above without success, contact our customer service team.
You can also view and download your tickets from the ‘My Order’ section of your account. Note: For online events, you will not require any form of ticket. Once you purchase your ticket, the event joining link will be sent to you through an email.

Once you’ve verified your account, you should receive a link to your event. Click on the link to attend. Alternatively, you can sign into your EventBookings account and go to the ‘Attended Events’ section. You will see a button to join the event when the event is live. You can also go to your event’s details page directly and find the ‘Book Now’ button replaced by a ‘Join Now’ button to attend the event

We recommend using your desktop or a laptop browser. Alternatively, you can also download our desktop app.

For venue events, most organizers are happy to see your ticket on your phone. However, some might opt for a hard copy. We suggest reading the instructions (if provided) or contacting the organizer directly beforehand.

For online events, no printed PDF tickets are required. You can join any online event from its ‘Join Now’ link.

The refunding policies of an event are chosen by the organizer. We recommend contacting the organizer for any refund requests. However, you can also cancel your orders from your event.

If you have lost your purchased tickets, you can view or download your ticket again by signing into your account and going to the ‘My Order’ section. If you still face issues, email customer support at

Email our team at contact@eventbookings.comIf your question is specifically about an event you’re attending, please contact the event organizer.