EventBookings - Let's Get Started!

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Starts on Sun, May 02, 2021 09:00 AM (UTC)
1h 30m
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EventBookings Institute

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About This Event

In the first part of the EventBookings Institute Series, we aim to give you a general overview of all the things you could get done using your EventBookings account.

The first part will be a live session covering the following topics:

  1. Sign Up and Sign In into EventBookings
  2. Your EventBookings Account - a brief overview of where everything is settled
  3. Creating Events - how to create your own events using EventBookings
  4. Attending Events - where and how to browse and find events at EventBookings
  5. Getting Help and Documentation - where to find help and our documents

This session will have a 40 minute of live discussion session, followed by a 10 minute session reserved for any questions that you might have.

So see you here, at the EventBookings Institute Sessions and become the master of organising events using EventBookings.

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