28 Awesome Virtual Event Ideas for Your Next Online Event

Virtual Event Ideas for Your Next Online Event

No wonder, being pandemic proof, worthwhile and ensuring wide-ranging access, virtual event platforms have definitely stood the test of time. When hundreds of in-person events, conferences, meetings were being grounded to a halt, switching to virtual events was the only option open. Luckily, it has come a long way and now you cannot just count it out if the in-person event returns.

Virtual Event is Here to Rule!

There should be no doubt to accept the fact that virtual event is here to stay. In 2020, when people started engaging more and more and getting familiar with the online event system, many might consider it a temporary option. But look at the present world system, from workshop and office meeting to virtual prom and graduation, the virtual event has become the best bet. Ultimately 2020 was a year of trial and error where event makers experienced and explored the highest to utilise the virtual way, and now we see enormous growth and use of the online platforms.

Vast Variety of Platforms to Host Any Online Event

It’s easy to say ‘go virtual’ but tough to execute the plan and make it successful as well. There will be a bunch of stuff to consider while choosing a platform of the virtual realm, even though you will find online event platforms in all sorts of shapes and sizes. One definitely looks for an end-to-end management system that allows one to manage from registration to ticketing and marketing to hosting. EventBookings is one such complete event ticketing platform that can handle all these requirements.

With the advanced technology to the best execution, the creative services of EventBookings assure to provide a hassle-free virtual event experience.

Unique Online Event Ideas to Inspire Your Next Event

There are multiple event formats that you can host online. Of course, all the events are not the same. The tools you will need for an online graduation ceremony will not be required for an online cooking class session. We can differentiate those based on corporate or virtual educational events and informal or virtual fun events among various kinds of events.

By corporate or business and online educational events, we understand those events which are being organised officially and paid by the organisation like seminars, graduation ceremonies, product launch events, training, workshops etc. Other informal or fun online events such as online family meet up, comedy shows, online kid activities, cooking sessions etc. Let’s explore some unique events-

1. Virtual meeting:

Virtual meeting

Without being located in the same room together, the virtual meeting allows people to share experience, data and information. The host or speaker and all participants are also entitled to share screen and turn video, audio call.

2. Online training:

Arrange any online workshop or training for your audiences as it is a part of e-learning and distance education. By hosting a virtual event like this, you can keep live Q&A sessions, instructional videos, content sharing via screen, and other attendee engagement and assessment tools.

3. Webinar:

A webinar usually refers to a particular speaker sharing knowledge on a specific topic. These often work for business-related terms to keep the audience updated and to share ideas through a presentation. It can have a much wider audience reach.

4. Virtual conferences:

Virtual conference is not as exact as a virtual meeting or webinar. Various sessions typically follow virtual conferences, and the purpose is to create brand awareness, relationship building and creating lead and demand.

5. Presentation:

Virtual presentation often includes self-running slide shows along with virtual narrations. It is very convenient and allows you to present to more people at the same time.

6. Award ceremony:

The virtual award ceremony is a welcome idea to recognise an individual’s hard work, whether it is a student or an office member. Creating a virtual program is convenient and get vast recognition.

7. Graduation ceremony:

virtual graduation ceremony events

Virtual graduation ceremonies create a memorable experience for the graduates and families. There is various software like GradPak with unique tools that institutions can use to create a joyful virtual graduation event.

8. Congress:

This is primarily a large, essential and formal meeting of people of different politicians, organisations, or countries.

9. Seminar:

The seminar is primarily a formal presentation of a small group where all participants are encouraged to discuss along with the speaker. Any academic institution or commercial organisation can organise it to share ideas and concepts.

10. Exhibition/ Trade show:

Virtual trade shows create an excellent opportunity for customer connection and create a new lead as they showcase their products and services. You can create a great experience by being creative to organise the show virtually.

11. Product launch:

Virtual product launch is a time and cost-effective way to reach global audiences and better brand visibility. Choosing the best online event platforms is essential as the engaging tools and features are suitable for better engagement.

12. Teambuilding activities:

To boost the strained relationship between colleagues, activities such as coffee meetings, happy hour, online office games, spreadsheet pixel art, and other icebreaking fun activities can be organised. These will strengthen team connection as well as maximise productivity.

13. Brand promotion ideas:

Sponsored giveaways, sponsored videos, a sponsored session can create a room for the sponsors to promote their product as well as the audience will get familiar with the brand.

14. Appreciation events:

Virtual appreciation events

The goal is to show appreciation and thankfulness to your employees or partners for the value they bring to the company or organisation. Fun events such as special dinners, jam sessions can be included.

15. Family reunion:

A virtual family gathering is a great option to deal with the situation of families being spread so far and wide. It helps to strengthen the bond and delete the monotonousness by playing a charade game or by hosting a family dinner.

16. Open mic:

To share artistic talents with a large audience, a virtual open mic is a great platform. It provides an excellent opportunity for connection as you can get social to advertise across social media platforms.

17. Prom:

Despite the COVID situation, virtual prom still gives the chance to celebrate success with family and friends. Arranging featured music and dancing with customised tones and other decorations can help anyone pull themselves out of the gloom.

18. Film screening:

By purchasing any screening kit, a virtual film screening event can be created via live streaming. Even during the showtime, you can engage your audience in the chat or comments or invite speakers too!

19. Standup comedy shows:

You can arrange a virtual comedy show for a family event, college, corporate event etc. By choosing on-demand comedians, you can provide fun and hilarious show in your next online event.

20. Gaming:

Many gaming events are produced and viewed online by conducting live. To target a niche audience, gaming events can help you. With hundreds and even thousands of people dropping by, join those online tournaments and explore new games.

21. Pet event:

You might not meet your friends or your coworker’s pets as much as you used to do. You can arrange any pet event and create your happy time by playing with them virtually.

22. Networking evening:

Networking events are designed to meet familiar-minded people. Sometimes, by having an evening snack together virtually, people can share their knowledge or interests and ideas with open, informal discussion by joining any networking event.

23. Party:

virtual party event

By arranging cocktail hour, classic games, dinner parties, Netflix parties, group face time, you can throw a virtual party. Being apart can’t ruin the party vibe when you have many platforms open to arranging any online party.

24. Performance art:

Any performance group is a very original and unique common platform for the artists to show their performance. It can be an art form such as acting, dancing, poetry, music etc.

25. Fashion show:

Nowadays, digital fashion events and virtual fashion shows are widespread to avoid gatherings. Even this is another way to fundraise a considerable amount.

26. Online concert:

By choosing a platform and picking any option from social media live streaming to more formal steaming options, you can arrange a gig or concert. Being creative, you can bring the vibe of real live experience into the room.

27. Magic show:

Virtual magic shows create a great chance to bring joy to people of any age in the pandemic situation. The magicians can engage all the family members and friends in any special get together a program with the magic tricks.

28. Cooking class:

Virtual cooking class

Arrange a 60/70 minutes’ session where the chef and the participants will cook the entire meal following the chef’s instruction. This makes your leisure time productive and creates interaction as well.

These are some of the options over which you can pick your preferred one for your next online event though there are also many other options and ideas left. Overall, observing the situation, we all can accede that the virtual world has turned out to be the new normal, and we all embraced it by now. We get inspired to enjoy any occasion, any success to the fullest despite being stuck in our house utilising such unique virtual event ideas.

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