Public Speaking Strategies For Success

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to be a public speaker?

Do you want to learn these skills so you can do better in school or your career?

Then join our free event!

In this event, we are going to cover three key strategies:

Public speaking strategy #1

Start your speech ‘high’ or ‘low.’  These are two ways that you can start a speech that will help you make your point, depending on the subject matter.  For example, a motivational speaker will take the approach of starting their speech with what is known as a ‘wake-up call.’  A wake-up call is usually delivered in the form of funny props and loud noises that literally jolt the audience and grabs their attention.

For a more serious speech, it is usually recommended that the speaker start out ‘low’, with a quiet voice and slow pacing.  As the audience is drawn in to what the speaker is saying, the pace and loudness of the voice can be raised and sped up to excite the audience towards the end of the speech.

Public speaking strategy #2

Get the room where you will be speaking ready beforehand.  There are many staging strategies that you can use to prep a room to your advantage.  This includes adjusting the lighting, the temperature of the room, and even the way the chairs are arranged.  If you are using a sound system or other audio/visual aids, make sure that they are working.  It may seem like a small detail, but by setting up the room to your advantage, you will have a much more captive audience.

Public speaking strategy #3

Schedule your speech for the right time of day.  The best time to give a speech is in the mid-morning.  This is because people have had their first few cups of coffee and are the most alert they will be during the day.  A speech scheduled first thing in the morning will be met with sleepy eyes and stragglers late from morning traffic.  A speech delivered late in the afternoon will also have you speaking to people who are falling asleep and looking at their watches to go home.

These are only a few of the public speaking strategies for success that you can use that we will cover. Our workshop is being led by public speaking experts from KeynoteSpeakers.info and MotivationalSpeakerz.com.

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