Astrology Yoga on Sunday Mornings

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Starts on Sun, Jun 13, 2021 12:00 AM (UTC)
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Midge Maisel

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Welcome! This is an Open Sitting practice of peaceful abiding aka "shamata" meditation. Its function is to support you in your sitting meditation practice by providing a quiet presence of community to sit with. It's often easier to carve out and commit to meditation time in your day when you know others will be there too. Those new to sitting meditation might find a guided practice more helpful to start. However, if you are a courageous beginner, you can simply try to sit and breathe and observe your experience!

There is no guided agenda nor talking during these sessions. Please stay muted for the duration of the session and keep unnecessary lights off. Feel free to speak before we start or after we finish. Everyone is free to come and go at any time.

It's popular to seek enlightenment but what if we are already overly lit? We just might need some meditation in the dark, or, endarkenment! Would we be able to see the stars in the sky if not for the dark of night? Think about it: even when we go into a theater or a cinema, the room has to darken before the stage or screen can brighten. The dark actually helps to see the light.

Meditation in the dark is a way of quieting our external environment to brighten our internal screen, to observe our projections and discursive thoughts playing on the stage of our mind.

From phone screens to TV screens, to street lights and such: we have so many artificial lights bombarding our vision every day. This excessive stimulation is neither natural nor beneficial for our circadian rhythms and peace of mind.

Very practically speaking: darkness is required for the body to produce melatonin which contributes to a good night's sleep. Melatonin levels are said to increase in the bloodstream about two hours before bed which causes a sleepy feeling, resulting in a restful night.

So, for a better night's rest, health, happiness, peace, and liberation for all, let's practice sitting in the dark!

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